Afganhistan buying the poppy harvest why wouldnt it work?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. why not just buy up the poppy harvest?
    an afgan version of set aside. ok we'd be buying or subsidising an esentially useless thing but we already do it with sugarbeet and rapeseed oil in this country?
    got to be a better deal for the local farmers and cheaper than trying to stop the flowof heroin into this country.
    the eu could aford to could probably get iran to chip into they have amassive problem aswell.
    and it would cut the rug out from under the taliban and war lords.
    or am Iobviously missing something?
  2. What about Burma? surely the growers there would just step up production/growth?
  3. Went to a presentation on this.

    Basically, the sheer cost associated with turning Afghan poppies into a product suitable for use by the pharmaceutical industry are simply too prohibitive(for a variety of reasons). It would become a very unwieldy, state-funded nightmare that would replace one type of dependency with another.
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. The biggy in my view is that the drug gangs and warlords would see it as a threat. They can buy anyone they like in Afghanistan and far too many people over here and so you're doomed to failure. The only way to succeed is to either make it worth their while or cut off the souce of their power, ie money. And the only way to do that is far too controversial to succeed - namely, for the state to buy poppies, turn them into heroin and give it out free to junkies in the UK. The warlords in Afghan still get paid, so they're happy and the drug gangs over here lose the money that gives them the power and influence they currently enjoy. As a bonus junkies now have far less incentive to nick your video or mug your Gran as they don't need the money to buy drugs. Of course the junkies continue to OD but they're going to do that anyway.
  6. Or to put it another way, instead of trying to control the supply, which is always on ground we find difficult to operate on, why not control the demand?

    Afghan poppy growers are only getting US$15,000/Ha because the demand side will pay whatever it costs to obtain opiate based drugs. Legalise all drugs (not just alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and methodone) and you go a long way towards destroying the economic imperative for farmers in Burma and Afghanistan to grow poppy rather than food.

    The battle can then be fought and won in the western world. Drugs will need to be taxed and regulated, the population educated about them, laws about who can and cannot have access to them and in what circumstances will need to be enforced; but this will all be happening on ground of our choosing.

    The battle won't (for the most part) be fought by kinetic means, but there will still be casualties. The bad news is that quite a lot of them will be westerners OD'ing or destroying their health with drugs, rather than random third world farmers getting revved up by Apache chin guns somewhere out of sight and out of mind. The good news is that most of the casualties will be wasters who are only contributing to global warming anyway. This makes more sense to me than our current policy of selecting the most admirable young men and women from our population then risking their lives overseas to protect some Camborne skag head. Or spending an absolute shagging fortune on "fighting the war on drugs" while handing out free methadone on the NHS to any human remora who wants to stick junk in themselves.
  7. most human remora can get hold of heorin any day they like 24 7 never had acase of a junkie going fcuk me can't get any drugs today.
    so buying the stuff wholesale and selling or getting the nhs to dole it out would savea hell of a lot of money.
    typical smackhead I dealt with had to shop lift between 3 to 400 quid aday to get there fix times that by 150000 which is the estimated number of heroin users in the uk.
    so thats 1/2 billion quid a year not including court time benefits payments other drugs housing support etc etc :evil:
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Exactly: treat drugs as a medical and social problem, rather than a criminal one and you are on the way to getting to grips with the problem.

  9. Kill everyone that takes or sells heroin. Hey presto, job done!
  10. Because not only would a guaranteed price promote more production itself, it would actually drive up the price as governments and drug producers compete for the crop, thus providing a greater incentive to produce more.
  11. set aside. ok we'd be buying or subsidising an esentially useless thing but we already do it with sugarbeet and rapeseed oil in this country?

    Not quite right. We pay the Farmers a lot of cash not to grow food. Say 150 quid for 10 hecters.
    Mr farmer then grows rape seed (not a plant but a mineral ?) so he gets the cash from that on top of the Set aside cash.

    Not s daft is Mr Farmer.

    If this was to happen I recon Mr Afgan Farmer will take the cash and still grow his crop.

    All round waste of your and my tax pound.

    So Blair is going to suggest it next week.