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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jamz, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Morning everyone,

    I'm just going through recruitment with my local TA atm as Infantry and was told this week that after the next herrick that is coming up there will be no deployment as a unit, just individuals.

    My questions are as I won't be a trained soldier until end of Feb-Mar do I have to be in service for a year before I can then start pre deployment training or just the 6 months as then it would be a year or more before actually deployed??

    Worst case it would be end of next year 2012 before I start pre deployment, do you think I would still get to go out there if I wanted with operations 'supposed' to be coming to a halt for 2014??

    On a side note...Do we think that the 2014 deadline is achievable?

    I know the last point has prob been answered in here a few times so apologies.

    I'm doing the whole 'I may not even get to do a tour out in Afghan now' after this weeks announcement at my TAC

  2. Why be the last to a party, when you can be the first to the next one?

    Shouldn't be too long.
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  3. does anyone know which inf battalions are down for 2013 and 2014 afghan tours?
  4. Just join up and see what happens. Many a slip twixt cup and lip.
  5. Hi fellas, thanks for your replys but no one has answered me yet:)

    Do you think I'd still get to go out there late 12 early 2013?

    And can someone answer my point in regards to the 12 months TA service before you are allowed to deploy, is that 12 months to deploy or 12 months before you can even get to pre-deploy training?

    Thks again
  6. Just get on with your training and don't worry about the long term. Get your CIC done first.

    Che sarà, sarà.
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Who knows. My unit has been warned off to support our Regular battalions on Herrick 18 & 20 which takes us up to 2015 when Mr Cameron has said we cease combat operations. However, no one knows what the upcoming years hold for certain, anything could come along to hasten or delay our withdrawal.

    Well there are varying criteria in place depending on who you talk to and when. The bottom line for a TA Infantryman is that you should have completed Director Infantry Employment (DIE) training before being allowed to mobilise. DIE training qualifies you to Regular Grade 1 Infantryman standard, but being the TA it is done over weekends and so has been taking between 12-18 months. There are rumours afoot that this will be crammed into 6 months, but that would literally mean every other weekend plus two week camp.

    There have been other guidelines such as you need to have completed a year since CIC and/or qualified for two bounties, but they are enforced at battalion level rather than Infantry policy, so it depends on what your unit does. What you really need to do is speak to your Pln Commander who will get the straight and skinny for you as to your chances for mobilisation.

    What regiment are you?
  8. why are you so keen to go, its a shit hole, where bad things happen.
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  9. Brilliant....
  10. Thanks mate, some good info there still none the wiser though.

    Il concentrate on my cic first then go from there, every other weekend seems to be the norm at my unit for training plus the 2 week camp at the end so like you say things change, we're see what happens
  11. I was on battle camp to deploy on Herrick 16, a lad from 6 Rifles (they were running the camp), got told that he had to serve a year and was taken off the list. Looks bad if you have just done a 2 week CIC and then get slotted in Aghan cos you didn't have enough training, I suppose!
  12. Having recently returned from H14, my view is that it is highly likely we will be outa there by 2014 as the security situation is improving.

    However if you still want to get out there and you unit is not deploying there is always scope to go as an individual augmentee. As soon as you are qualified make sure that you CoC knows you want a tour and they may keep you in mind when trawls for random jobs come up.

    There is also the Operational Commitment Establishement (OCE) list which you can find in the MS section of ArmyNet which has a long list of random jobs on it that are open to applicants from the regs and the TA.

  13. ^ As Waffen says.We'll see how keen you are on your 3rd tour, shall we. Theres nothing to look forward to about Valloning every step you take and people getting killed around you.
  14. I'm in a similar position mate. Good luck with cic.

    I'm hoping there will be a chance to do more than every other weekend to speed it up, that's not to say die is just a pain in the arse that I want to bypass or get ticks in boxes, because it's exactly the kind of thing I want to be doing. It's just going to be q bit crap if I want to put everything Ive got into the ta and achieve everything I possibly can when going forward all the other blokes will have telic and herrick behind them.