Afgan fun

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mungeous, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Apparently it's shirts tucked in and issue sunglasses only for the boys of 16 Sigs out in sunny Afgan' (47 degrees). Is someone with a stick getting bored?
  2. Thats a load of crap they should be allowed to wear t shirts theres no room for bullshit on an operational tour i thinks someone is getting bored and should shove his stick where the sun don't shine.
  3. Things never change with the Sigs.
  4. Completely valid points lads, I suggest you put grievences down in writing and give them to the relevant stick man or you could....stop fcuking winging and get on with it.
  5. Yeah, 'cos that'll help drag the Royal Corps into the late 20th Century, right? Unnecessary discomfort is not a virtue.
  6. Well stop fcuking dripping on here. Grow some balls and get in the Badges in tray.
  7. Met the CO 16 Sigs Recently struck me as being mad as a bottle of chips. As for the shirts tucked in can't see big deal and at least you have issue sunglasses more than we had on TELIC 1.

    If it is such a big deal as has already been stated say something through the chain of command. If it you don't like it that much you can take your complaint as high as you like if you can't get a satisfactory answer. As much we all know alot of CO's and RSM's read this site but i'm sure they have better things to do on ops than go looking for your whinges on the web.
  8. Is that shirts tucked in shorts or trousers?
  9. Wow, do you really think hes going to charge you? Happened with us in the sand pit however when people started getting prickly heat around the waist it soon got changed, wouldnt exactly have kittens over it.
  10. Or wait until the first heat injury and tell the truth when questioned.
  11. I know both the CO and the Badge at 16. The CO was my troopie when he was a subby and was an utter arrse then. I met him once since and saw nothing to change my opinion. I served with the badge when we were both seniors and he is a solid fellow, who I always had a lot of time for. If you have a problem, speak to your troop staffie in the first instance and then maybe the SSM. The worst thing they could do is tell you to get back in your fcuking box. Plus I have heard that the new issue sunnies aren't as bad as the old ones. On Telic we were allowed to wear what we liked, within reason.
  12. arent the clothes supposed to be worn loosly allowing air to circulate... official posters up around my place seem to indicate it, belts undone an extra notch too.
  13. Yes. Evidently if the ambient temp is above a certain figure (25degC?) You are supposed to wear the shirt outside the trousers, ala the Sepo's. But it looks bone. The stable belt with shirt tucked in looks smart and that is the reason why. I have just heard from an alternative source that a member of 2 Sigs was whining because he had to wear his headdress outside, and didn't before 16 got there. Well he should get a grip, and stop acting like a blue job.
  14. I was recently on a Telic tour and we could wear our shirts out unless you were in the HQ which was airconditioned anyway.
    Seems to have been a good compromise. :)
  15. looking good instead of looking practical?! its hot, free flowing clothes allows the body to circulate air. if your primary concern is making things look smart then dress all the lads up in ceremonial rig and paint some stones in regt/corps/pretty colours.

    you think like a royal signals officer. far too much time making things look tidy and less time making things practical