AFG twice?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mbwest, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Simple Question and I have looked around but was wondering if it was possible do re-take flying grading if you failed?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Short answer - No.

    Slightly longer answer - It really depends on what you failed on (I presume its you?) and it has been known for the occasional one or two to have another crack. It is very, very rare though.

    Were you advised if you could re-take it? If not, I'd suggest the answer will be no.

    There is a reason that candidates are not usually asked back. Firstly it saves money and valuable time further down the training pipe line and secondly, if you found grading hard or were struggling, you will hate the flying course itself and will probably have a very low probability passing. Hard facts of life I'm afraid but it is doing you a favour at a very early stage by not giving you false hopes.
  3. Nothing to stop you applying to RAF or RN though.
  4. Why not? Everyone else is :twisted:
  5. Not according to MCM they aint. :wink:

    New clothes, Emperor? :roll:
  6. Ever it was thus.

    My spies at the big training place tell me they're inundated with AAC officers on refresher courses prior to putting on a darker coloured beret.
  7. My spies tell me that there are quite a few from 10 Regt trying to re-enlist. Not sure quite what to read into that.
  8. I said MCM are spinning all is fine and dandy not that I actually believed them. ;)

    I too hear a few (four if you count one of them twice) are looking at coming back. Knowing the individuals concerned, it may be that their current employment doesn't suit their lifestyle choices. Lets hope they didn't set light to any bridges before they left, eh?

    It's quite telling that apparently we aren't short of people but we are almost begging people to come back.

  9. Does that mean my letters in the post............. :wink: :wink:
  10. We are desperate but not that desperate that we need some old bootie with a penchant for wearing ladies underpants. :D

    (I'd have you back in a flash, mate)
  11. Unless your name rhymes with scottish spaniel
  12. You can even get onto V Eng 3 and be promoted all the way to 55 now.
  13. That was introduced in order to give Falsh a chance of getting to WO 1
  14. Lol. You made it so there is hope for absolutely anyone. :D
  15. Only by accumulating virgin air miles :wink: