Afg Op name 1/4/15


I don’t know about that last bit, in the past Op names have all been proper words. I would dismiss your suggestion out of hand were it not for the fact, that I haven’t a clue what Telic or Herrick mean (total f**k up in Swahili perhaps).

Our Ops have always been single words (Telic) as opposed to our exercises being two words (Eagles Claw). Whereas the Americans tend to have more of a media ops / Psy ops feel to them (Iraqi Freedom). I suppose this helps sell the war to the voters back home.

We have started to give this a go in afghan by giving the op a two word name in Dari. I suppose this is to try to give the afghan locals a feeling of ownership. I could never understand how calling something Op Goat f**K in Dari would do this as most of the locals spoke Pashto. Then again as most of the ANA I saw were from the North of the country, perhaps they were the target audience.


i hate to bring the tone of the thread down, but aren't british op names decided by a computer stringing letters together to make a pronouncable word?

most computer you'll see is a V20

<note's switch to lower case> we're on tactics.


I've just heard from a guy in the pub that its going to be Op Banner. I may have got it wrong as it was noisy and I had had quite a bit to drink - a bit like Op Banner really!

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