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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Playtime, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Hello all. Could anybody tell me if the good old AFG 1033 issue and receipt voucher is still in existance? if so could someone please scan one and send me a copy or its equivilent to the following address

    Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Once a Sapper always a Sapper

  2. Try this:

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  3. remember only valid for three months, then get a re-sign
  4. Always wondered about that, does that mean I could sign out a load of stuff from the CQMS then if he doesn't find me to re-sign within 3 months it's mine?

    No, thought not!

    So why is it only 'valid' for 3 months?
  5. Actually, yes, You can. Obviously this would also be theft, which is not perhaps fully explained on the form, so allow me.

    The name is the give away "Tempory Issue and Receipt Voucher". After a three months, the "Tempory" bit kicks in. If you want something signed over for longer than this, you use different forms (1157 for example). I've recently signed for all manner of expensive kit, on behalf of the regiment, that will eventually be taken on to the books of the regiment, and no longer my responsibility. The idea being to ensure that the kit is always checked (1/4ly return anyone?) taht it is still servicable and present. And of course, should you not be in a position to get hold of the original, the origianal has a Time To Live which means that in 12 years time you wont be billed for an item you handed back in, and NOONE can remember. 3 months should be a little bit more memorable.

    That is why your S/C/B/TQMS or storeman will call you in every so often to resign.

    Now, you say after the three months that the kit would be yours.

    No, it wouldn't. If you were caught with it, you'd be stealling.

    So in short, after three months you can't be billed for the item, but you can't just steal it either.
  6. The three month thing is normally used for normal issues. It can have 'LONG LOAN' entered on it, this extends it for a further 3 months.

    If the item is not available for return/re-sign in at the end of that time then all the QM has to do is prove that you were the last person to be culpable, explained in AGAIs. Its all laid out in JSP 886 Vol 12 (the old JSP 336).

    The first thing you may know about getting billed for is when you don't get paid as much! We all hate JPA!

    God I hate being a RES SPEC!!!

    Speelung checked by Sluggy.
  7. CF, thanks for the sensible reply.

    I'm not saying that, what I'm saying is "If I have kit signed out over 3 months and the 1033 is 'no longer valid', what can the S/C/B/TQMS or storeman actually do about it"?

    So in short, what is the point of saying a document is 'no longer valid', if, in fact, it actually is?
  8. I seem to recall that the Australian Army also had an AF G1033 maybe some Okkers can confirm if it is still in use down there? The Kiwis didn't bother but they had their AFNZ10 instead.
  10. "Racy Tracy" was signed over from a bloke leaving his A1 brickies course to a bloke on my course "Eddie" Yates, she'd only bone blokes from the shot fromwhence she came, she'd originally been married to someone from para reg, but had more recently divorced a bloke from 9 squadron, and had set up shop in the old quarter with her mate "Wonky toothed Hazel". A proper scary monster with a pegasus tatooed on her upper arm (amongst her many others)

    The 1033 was written out as..

    1 x slag (airborne)
    Last item

    And signed by Eddie, to be fair I think he passed her on about 3 months in rather than resign for her.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    She was living in one of the 9 Squadron blocks for a while if I recall..
  12. one of my G1098's is still on the Atlantic Conveyor.

    I kept the 1033 folder though and billed the RN for losing it, they then passed it on to the Submariner Fleet as they are in charge of that bit of the Sea....
  13. Any one remember issuing diffy G10 kit out for CO's inspection so that it was all accounted for.
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Good grief - did people really do that? Shame on you.

    And I bet the CO and QM never realised either.... :D
  15. CO probably didn't but the QM probably new, if it wasn't in the broken waiting to be ordered scrap bin.