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Discussion in 'ACF' started by panzermeyer, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Would like to throw a question out to the wild blue yonder in relation to the above subject title (sorry if it has been done to death before).

    I have been involved with the ACF for a good few years now on the back of 4 years reg service / 3 years TA service with a certain Corps. The ACF unit I am currently with is badged to a different Corps and I have always been told that I need to wear their respective badges / symbols at all time, rather than the ones that I had worn during reg / TA service previously. This has even extended to Mess Kit. I assumed that this was ACF gospel and never really questioned it, even though certain individuals within our county seemed to do otherwise (seasoned ACF officers and Warrant Officers).

    However, I have come in to contact with ACF personel from different counties and a good number of them have been allowed to wear the symbols, stable belts etc of units they served with reg or TA, regardless of the 'Badge' that their county is affiliated with. I cannot lie, it may sound pathetic but I still have a pull towards the Corps that I served with in both a reg / TA capacity and would love to be able to wear that regalia in my current capacity.

    Does anybody know what the regulations are on this issue? Indeed are there any ACF codified regulations relating to this?
  2. I am serving at the moment and when i used to turn up at a cadet unit to help teach i was told that i was to wear my own capbadge and stable belt as i could get in deep s**t if seen in another units capbadge etc but i dont know what its like for your county
  3. Your County HQ will should have a clear policy on this.

    If as you say, others are wearing their old units badges etc, who are they with? Their old unit or the new ACF one?

    How far back do you go, can you go?
    Disbanded/suspended/merged units etc would it be ok to wear their badges, if you had served with them?

    What if they were from 'Europe' and served in in that countries army, should they be allowed to wear their badges?

    What if the Cadets are badged 'Royal Infantry', and the instructors were all badged 'Royal Horse' would it help or not?

    little note, each ACF unit is sponsored by a Reg or TA unit, that's why the adults can use the customs and traditions of that unit. What if your old unit did not have an ACF unit sponsored by it?

    And a certain amount of Waltish could creep into it, with old units badges.

    This is why County should have a clear policy.
  4. You were still serving, and on loan from your unit, did anyone sign a 1033 for you?
  5. You should wear the uniform and badges of whichever regiment your detachment is badged to. (however there are certain members of our county who wear items from their regular service)
  6. Could be a form of Waltism :wink:
  7. I believe the line is (and perhaps someone better in the know could clarify):

    Unit/Detatchment Officers and AIs permanently posted to that det wear the uniform and regalia of the cap badge that their det is affiliated to, as laid down by the dress regulations of that particular cap badge, but with the addition of the "ACF" title prominently displayed on the badge of rank.

    Staff officers wear the uniform of the affiliated cap badge of the Detatchment that they were last permamently posted to.

    Only permanent awards and qualifications may be continuously worn, which is the same as in the reg and TA. Therefore if you passed (say) the All Arms Commando Cse as either a reg ot TA and hold the commando qual you may wear the cmdo badge on all forms of dress, and the cmdo beret if the dress regulations of the affiliated unit allow for it.

    I don't believe that there is any provision for someone to wear the uniform of a cap badge that you once belonged to if you are on the ACF establishment and permanently posted to a det if their affiliated cap badge is someone else (notice I say affiliated not sponsored). If the staff of the county to which you belong look as if they have run through a clothing store and are wearing whatever happens to have stuck on them at the time the the RSM ought to act to restore the appropriate forms of dress.
  8. Down my way we wear the badges etc of our sponsor unit regardless of previous service, the only exception is made for someone who claims to have been one of "them" how is that for Walt World.
  9. As far as I know it is slightly different for officers as they tend to wear the Badge etc of the regiment that they were comissioned in.

    As for AI they rebadge to the regiment / Corps that the Detachment is badged to.

    With regards to mess dress I think that most messes are amenable to the fact that mess dress is flippin expensive and therefore are happy for you to wear the regimental mess dress of your old regiment providing it has ACF and your current rank on it.
  10. What does it say in JSP336, Volume 12, Part 3, Pamphlet 13?

    Some of JSP336 is available on the interweb, but I can't find this bit. From my (limited) experience a lot of this seems to be down to County and/or Commandant discretion; at my County HQ the permanent staff who've done their 22 years colour service continue to wear their regimental head dress even if it's not a Regiment or Corps whith which we are affiliated.
  11. same with us too ,
    we have permanant staff Royal Irish,Royal Artillery and Gurkha's but no unit affiliations to any off these all though gurkha cadets would be setting a precendent and quite ally.....
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    PAM13 makes provision for applying for permission to wear the badge and headress of a regiment of corps that you served in as a regular soldier. This is not a right and is granted at the descretion of the commandant and the Regiment/Corps Colonel in question.

    As for ACF officers wearing the badge that they were commisioned into....TA General List B does not have a cap badge; this is a fantasy bit of ACF mythology.

    It seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition in the ACF which is harmless enough but is not official policy.
  13. absoloutley,
    ACF officers are not commissioned into a regiment..........but are comissioned as B class TA list officers .................
    understandably once you have bought a set of mess kit and you change cap badge to another detachment ,I am sure you would not be expected to buy another set for that cap badge as this would be taking the p~ss financially...........
  14. ....When anyone who actually had been one of them wouldnt want to advertise the fact. I know of a genuine ex 'them' who is now badged PWRR, and certainly has no wish to don a winged dagger and sand beret ever again.

    wear the same Regt badge as your det's cadets. End of argument...
  15. well said walt man