Affected by antisocial behaviour,the modern day blight?

In Oct 07 my RLC TA (531 ATSSqn) career of 20 yrs or so was effectively ended when I had to choose between serving my country and fighting with every legal means at my disposal, to protect my wife, home and property from the unwanted attentions of a group of young thugs who had been allowed to run riot for 10yrs or more, often with the conivance of their parents.

We were failed systematically by every single agency we turned to for support, the local council, the police, victim support, the CPS, the court service to name but a few, until we drove them to do their jobs properly.
We achieved some success eventually through the criminal and civil courts at great personal,financial and emotional cost to ourselves.
So what? Please see the Sunday Times article and sign up to the epetition.
jarrod248 said:
Hi Paul,
Yes it works, sorry to hear what you and your wife have been through. I read today in my local weekly paper about some roads here being subject to an order where anyone under 16 can be taken home or to a place of safety by the Police. I imagine that it may be a focus for a couple of weeks or no officers will be available.
It all sounds good but i'm not sure why some special order is needed.
It's probably a locally enforceable civil action from the council to stop groups of youths gathering with intent on mischief but not actually committing any criminal acts. If they fail to disperse then the police can take action. It is the local councils who have the civil powers to deal with most antisocial behaviour through the civil courts, it's a hell of a job getting them to use them though. Hence the e petition.
This asylum of a country we live in is run by the lunatics themselves. Forty years of interference from left wing tree hugging liberals has created this shitehole, decent law-abiding citizens have no rights left anymore. O.K, so there is no magic silver bullet to solve the situation, so for now I would be quite happy with the use of normal ones.... preferably behind their ears.
Thank fu ck I live in a civilised country.
TW*TS like that need a good kick in see if any of your old pals would help you out. abet there sh*t heads if you got them on there own
I think the time has come when antisocial behaviour needs to be categorised as a criminal offence and dealt with as such.
For too long now it has been treated as petty offending and the victims suffering are afforded minimum protection.
However,unless I am mistaken, any form of antisocial behaviour could be deemed as a 'Breach of the Peace'and dealt with under criminal law if only the pea brained politicians had the balls to allow it.
The truth is, if they did it would mess up their crime figures, so in the meantime the innocent victims pay the price.
Who can blame anyone who takes the law into his/her own hands, there comes a time when there just is no alternative but that's when criminal law becomes an easy tool.
I despair, I really do.
Thanks for you comments folks. The facts are that their are sufficient laws in place, the civil courts really have the powers to deal with these oxygen thieves already.
The victims/witnesses sadly are left like fish in a barrel and enjoy no support at all because there is no joined up multi agency approach and often witnesses are simply intimidated into not giving evidence against the perps. If the victims are social housing tenants they are often moved away for their 'own safety' leaving the perps still able to boast how they have driven another family out. Outrageous really, instead of tackling the bullies head on, the council will say 'oh nobody will give evidence so we can't evict them!'
Owner occupiers like myself have no access to any support at all except the toothless Victim Support. However we do have the council's over a barrel for failing to control their tenants. Most simply keep quiet and move away silently leaving the problem to fester and the perps even stronger.
That's what the petition is for, to ensure that victim/witness get the support they need so they can be supported through both civil and criminal courts to nail these animals or have their parents evicted. Please sign it.
If the 300 odd folks who've visited this thread so far had each signed up to the epetition already by now we would have had the necessary 500 siggys to get it infront of the PM.

We are still 170 or so siggys short. Sign up please to ensure you don't end up like a fish in a barrel having to drive every single agency along to do the jobs they're drawing a big fat salary to do in the first place; while having to deal with the mindless abuse, violence and criminal damage at the same time.

The deadline is 13th November 2009.
ill 100% give you my sigg and to get the others needed i will be telling my mates about this and hopefuly if thay have any thought thay will give you theres aswell
I've just signed it mate.

If something isn't done soon we'll have vigilante gangs cleaning up.

Now that WILL be worth a ringside seat.

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