I know much has been said about the AFCS but did you know that you can ring fence your award to protect it so it will not be taken into account when assessing state beneits and current or future care needs, simply by putting it in a trust?
Yes I do but it makes me so cross that no one tells you this, compensation awards have always been allowed to be placed in trust specifically to protect benefits, the VA should inform everyone of this
I've been informed that both the lump sum and GIP components of AFCS cannot be taken into account when assessing benefits.

However, lump sum payments from the likes of PAX can be taken into assessment unless they are in trust.
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Hmm that wouldnt happen to be you by any chance would it?

"Oh by the way Mr Squaddie, as well as receiving a payment from the AFCS did you know that you can make a civil claim against the MOD"

I wonder how much money you will then be able to milk from the MOD from the subsequent costs involved?

Have you asked the MOD's if you can advertise your thinly disguised way of touting for business on here?

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