AFCS question

Hi all, new on here so don't know if this is in the right place. Anyway I injured my back and have a question about AFCS.

I first had mild back pain in April 2020 and I went to a private physio as there was a lockdown. Then in November 2020 I slipped a disk and ended up getting surgery.

I told the MO I seen a private physio then 7 months later the disk slipped after a boot run. Surgery hasn't really worked and getting more injections next month to numb it.

Just wondering when I go to make a claim have I shafted myself by going to a private physio? As I said there was a lockdown so couldn't use the med center but will AFCS understand or does it even matter?
Claiming AFCS is about how you injured your back, not subsequent treatment.

Therefore, how did your injury occur?
The back pain first started in training in April 2020. I went to a physio and it settled after a few weeks.
Then joined my unit and in November 2020 after a boot run I had shooting pain down my left leg.
Since then I've had surgery, all sorts of meds and now getting injections.
I just thought the AFCS might not pay out if I hadn't gone through the med center when it first started.
Thanks for the reply
It sounds like you have a valid claim. The biggest thing with AFCS is providing the evidence required. From what you have said you are under a Dr, have been diagnosed and treated. This should be sufficient for the evidence required.

Have you undergone any rehab with a spines team at a Regional Rehab Centre or Stanford Hall?
That's alright I can could get the med records from that private physio too.

Yeah I've done two spines courses at Cosford. Sort of feels like going round in circles with rehab for last 18months. Still get severe back pain when standing for over 20mims and nerve pain in left leg.
Hopefully this injection does something next month.

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