Hello everyone,

I'll try and keep this as straightforward as possible.

Diagnosed PTSD 2012, spent time on a psychiatric ward, completed CBT and EMDR courses of therapy in service. Discharged 2016.

Been engaged with community mental health services since discharge, level 12 upgraded to level 10 in 2019 and told case closed.
Asked for reconsideration, refused.

Had 14 psychological sessions using CBT model, with independent consultant psychologist before getting involved with combat stress.

Had a total of 43 psychological sessions with them since 03/20, consisting of tf CBT, NET and other psychosocial education sessions.

Had an appeal date upcoming, in appeals pack vets uk had completely missed last 24 months of ongoing treatments, doctors notes, evaluations, all carried out at consultant level, etc.

Tribunal supposed to be next week, rbl rep said to not bother about extra evidence and it's too hard to prove a PERM mental health disorder.

I sent forward supplemental evidence to vets UK, asked tribunals for an adjournment.

Adjournment confirmed and vets UK just emailed saying to me, a supplementary response to my case has been set up and on its way to me.

Anybody with a similar process?

Apologies for the long message, I hope it is not too infuriating to read.

All the best.