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AFCS - medical advise


Afternoon All,

Just looking for some information from those who have gone through the AFCS process.

On discharge i was given a tier 1 pension, this has now been increased to a tier 2 and my subsequent AFCS claim and appeal revoked. My claim is now being looked at as it should have on discharge if i was awarded the correct tier.

My claim as of July has been submitted for "formal medical advice", exactly what is the process going forward? Im assuming a timescale is as long as it takes?


Ive been provided with the following update;

Medical Discharge

Decisions have now been reached on your Medical Discharge cases and they will be handed to the Authorisation team and notifications to be issued to you as a priority following this email.

Im assuming this means something is payable??


They always shaft you as they hope you will accept the lower offer and leave it so defo go tribunal, i did and got the higher tariff and GIP so well worth the wait and if you deserve it mate they will give you a much fairer and non biased decision. Good luck with it mate

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