AFCS - Injured at Corps Footie Trials - Trying to prove I was there

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mackemmaggot, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Got injured at footie trails in 06, spoke with unit I was serving with at time, but they don't have any record. The fact I was on physio for about 3 months for the injury, obviously doesn't have any bearing on my claim. Anyone got any ideas on how to proceed in finding out or proving I was there. Don't have the Admin Instr anyone, strange old thing it being back in 06.
  2. There should be sufficient details on your medical docs. I have looked into this scheme myself a couple of times, but I never seem to injure myself badly enough, and all the medical types I have asked about it seem to know less about it than I do, and I know next to ****-all.
  3. alright Joe, I've seen my med docs, they are in shit state, they don't even have records of me getting jabbed with anthrax years ago, I must have imagined that in Colly. Even when I rang about my physio notes from the injury, I had to tell the MedCen that they had been archived at some place in Shoeburyness for the past 3 years (I spoke with my original physio). i now know why the army has some doctors, coz they'd get sued to **** in civvie street for being shite at doing paperwork.
  4. You weren't by any chance treated at a civvy hospital? If so, they may well have better records, though you would still probably be lacking the necessary evidence to show that it was a service-related injury, and not something you did in your own time.

    do you know who it was who ran the trials, btw? Even if your old unit has no records, whoever ran it might have their own, or may remember your injury.
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  6. Nah was on camp and went straight to the medcen, got treated by a nurse (civvie one), ice compression straight away, then shipped back off to unit to report to doctor, which happened to be about 2 days later. Then referred to physio (snapped the outside ankle ligaments, not something you'd forget). I ain't that arsed, it just pisses me off that med docs aren't looked after too well, if I get fucked off I'll just take it to a tribunal. Think I may request a copy of all my docs from them for when my end of days comes. Christ they just have to look at me docs to see just about all me injuries are from playing footie, they should consider themselves lucky, I don't go for a full body fucked claim. lol
  7. Do you remember the name of your CSM/Platoon Commander? If you try emailing them to see if they remember & then get them to write a quick statement with all the info in it (Who you are, who they are, when you were away, the fact that the unit has destroyed the records etc...) it might help.
  8. the AFCS is a pile of shite, mucker. use a civvy lawyer. yes, you will have to pay them maybe 25% of the claim, but you will get a lot more wonga from the MOD bean counters.. if the paperwork is in shite order it also gives you more ammo against them.
    been there seen it done it. good luck mucker!
  9. Oh please do lavish us with your knowledge of the "No fault" AFCS and pursuit of criminal injuries through the courts?

    Or are you just another one of the barrack room lawyers who needs slapping down every so often? Yep, thought so, FUCKTARD.
  10. Don't worry about trying to find any records of the injury, that's their job.

    Info is here:
    Armed Forces Compensation Scheme General Information

    At a (very unprofessional guess) you are probably looking at a level 14 or 15 claim - between £1,155 and £2,888
  11. Dingerr is of course correct, you contact the Legion they will send you the forms to fill out, you fill them out and send them back.

    SPVA then contact your med centre, your doctor will then look at your FMed 4 and DMICP records to see what is written up about you. He/she will then answer the questions that are asked by the SPVA paperwork and sent it back. You will then receive the yes or no reply from the SPVA, be prepared to go before a med board which is usually 1 person who, contrary to all barrack room lawyers, is not there to prove you wrong. You can answer questions about yourself a lot better than your med docs, as they do not describe how it affects you day to day etc....

    As for suing doctors for not doing the paperwork correctly, thats bollox, military doctors summarise while you are in the room as they go along and then more once youve left. civvie doctors will usually scribble notes and then dictate into a dictaphone and pass it onto their secretary.

    If you really want a copy of the notes in your FMed 4 and off DMICP, you need to write a letter to your Med Centre Practice Manager requesting them under the FOI Act, you need to state that you are not suing the MOD (AFCS isnt suing its claiming), if you are suing then the request has to come from a solicitor and copies of your docs are automatically sent to the Army medico-Legal people.
  12. Dinger got me a print off of me medical docs the day, effectively starts just before I actually got injured. It does state I got injured a week earlier playing footie (which is common throughout the notes) and the bruising/swelling had went down. I was then refered to physio and the next entry is Jan 07, were I got injured playing footie again. So the 3 month gap of physio is not on there at all, but I know the notes got sent to Shoeburyness, I would have liked to think AFCS/SPVA would know this aswell, as i found out after one call to the physio. And I wouldn't get a lawyer/solicitor involved, I just don't want mugged off like a ten bob.
  13. Hi FF I've already put the claim forms in, had paperwork sent to CO, requesting ack soldier was on duty blah blah blah, and same thing to the MedCen. AFCS are still waiting for an answer from them? It's not like I can bang me tabs in the CO's in tray and say, get your finger out and sign me paperwork and get it sent off. And the paperwork he's got is the 2nd reminder before a decision is made on the injuries. I'm left in limbo until they get these two bits of paperwork, was sent out over 2 months ago now according to AFCS!!! And I couldn't be arsed to sue a doctor, got better things to do, to be honest. Got me DCMIP print today, depends who you know, not what you know!! So I know, no physio notes are on my record.
  14. Maggot, don't forget its about balance of probabilities so even if you can't prove by admin Instruction etc that you were defacto there, then as a couple of other people have mentioned track down team mates, coach etc from the competition and get a statement however brief saying you were taking part and crocked yourself.

    Also sometimes these competitions are organised by the same people for years on end and it might be worth tracking down who organised it and seeing if they had a "medic" on standby for the event who might remember laughing... I mean treating you.

    Once you eventually get a decision off the AFCS and if you don't agree and fancy appealing it can take 12-18 months with current backlog (you try getting away with that waiting time in a civvy industrial tribunal)

    good luck
  15. Maggot, youre not Scots Guards are you?