Will my claim be Sucessful?

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F Med 242: 51.7dB and 50 dB averaged over 1, 2 and 3kHz in left and right ear respectively.

Is the hearing lost?

If so, looks to me like a Level 7 award which equates to £90,000.

If either ear was perforated you can receive an extra £1,000

If you receive the level 7 award, you will also receive a Guaranteed Income payment (final salary X age factor) of 50%

Therefore if your final salary was £40000 and your age was 37 giving an age factor if one, your GIP would be £40,000. But you are level 7 therefore you receive 50% so your GIP will be £20000

To answer your other questions

1. No it won't. You have the medical evidence, you started your career with good hearing left it with bad. The fact you've been a pillock after the fact is neither here nor there.

2. They've no reason not to believe you. You have evidence.

3. Doesn't matter, you can claim after you have left the service, but time is limited, you only have 6 years - so get it in quick. If you are struggling speak to SSAFA, TRBL or H4H to help you.

4. It is from what you've said.

5. Meh, how longs a piece of string, but you must submit it soon.

Your pension may also be effected which also has an effect on your GIP.


Thank for the reply. Yes hearing loss.

I have been fitted with hearing aids which are good. Do they put you through further medicals in order to re-assess? I guess they want to try and avoid paying?

Are veterans-uk friendly forces?

I guess I will have to wait an see. I am going to submit it next week. Do you think legal advice would help?
Submit the claim with your evidence, then go from there. At least you've got it in within the time frame.

One step at a time.

I don't know if Veterans-uk could be considered FF or not.
Only thing I'd suggest is tap into the RBL on this one. They exist for people like you, and have, most certainly, dealt with these claims before. Don't worry about the deception, you're not the first. There are also other threads related to hearing loss, where you can ask others for their stories.

Good luck!


I spoke to them on the phone today and they said they could advise on making the claim. Only if it's rejected? Do you know of any RBL members on here that's I should get in touch with?
If you approach the Royal British Legion (I would recommend you do), then make sure you go to the right people i.e. County Headquarters or the POP UP Centres in the nominated towns and ask to speak to the Welfare Rep.

Do not wander into the nearest Royal British Legion Club, full of non serving civi's and ask as you may get duff info.

If you are in the Beds, Bucks, Oxfordshire area send me a PM and I will send the details of who to speak to.

Edit; TOM DOG just seen your last, send me a pm.