Hi wonderring if anyone here can help,Been dealing with vet's UK for 7yrs now for ptsd,had tribunal in Dec last year which was adjourned and the judge directed vets UK to provide me with a consultant to eveluate my condition.Vets UK kept sending msgs due to covid we are on able to organise a face to face appointment uptil last week i rang them and got really uneasy with them on the phone until they now finally wrote to the tribunal saying they can't organise a face to face or remote consultation.The judge also wrote back given them aweek to respond and explain why.They came back today answering due to covid the instuition providing them with the experts are not opperating and cant provide a date to when they can.My question is will the judge now make decision base on evidence currently available or wait for Vets UK who already confirmed they cant provide a date to when i can see a consultant.This at the moment is making me so nervous and frusterated.
I suspect Vets UK are telling Porkies. Health Services haven’t shut down because of Covid.

If it‘s a Mental Health issue there are places such as the Priory that you could be referred to.

Do a little searching in the internet, find sufficient evidence that they have disobeyed the judge and present it to him.
I suspected the same too,thanks alot mate i willdo more research and calling tomorrow,if you know of any other companies they use for mental health assessment lets us know and i will ring them all to make sure i have far more than enaugh evidence to proof to the judge they are talking nonsense.

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