I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but i've looked for 2 days and found nothing. Wife left me last Sunday (i know poor me) and took my daughter. i was medically discharged a year ago for loosing my right leg, and received the standard £140k. i put a £80k deposit on my house and have a small mortgage. the wife never contributed anything financially to the house, not sure if that makes a difference. I live on my monthly GIP. from what ive read on here and other places, she is not entitled to a share of my pension/GIP. my big question is, is she entitled to the house, considering everything. sorry for the long post, but i'm going mad not knowing

P.S the house has been adapted, ie wet-room, extra wide doors for wheelchair, bla bla
See a solicitor mate :) good luck

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^^ what he said, good luck.

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As above - good professional advice generally isn't cheap but it's always cheaper than not knowing what you're doing.

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