I sent off an online application nearly 2 weeks ago and was told the AFCO will contact me soon, but theres still no word. I tried phoning a few times, but theres never any answer. When I finally did get an answer, the guy just asked me a few questions about SA80's and said he'd send me a careers book and a dvd (ive already got 4) If i havn't heard anything by Friday, do you think it would be worth just heading on down without an appointment? The nearest ones quite a long way away, so i don't want to go all the way down and not get to see anyone.

I think you will find that all the AFCO will of been on Christmas leave and did not go back until today.

lol, good point. i knew they had christmas off, but i didn't know they only got back today. thats probably why i couldn't get through till this afternoon :) .
You might as well just turn up to the careers office anyway as all the online office do is send lead sheets to them and book appointment for you. You was asked questions about SA80 :? :?

Just go down, most AFCOs, aCIOs have an open door policy and will see you straight away or book you in.

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