AFCO Offices in Oxford 'Attacked'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CarpeDiem, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. i've just received an email from an old family friend, currently an undergrad student and working for the uni paper, who had received the following and asked for a comment from someone who had served.

    I managed to remain calm and replied along the Voltaire line (i don't like what you say yadda yadda yadda), weren't they lucky that the services of people in the military defended their ability to protest in such a manner and wasn't it ironic that the group's 'moral beliefs' were so 'strongly held' that they didn't have the moral courage to give their names when claiming the action.

    Whilst i know that this sort of nonsense has been around universities since the last ice age (hell, I had Welsh nationalist environmentalist Marxists at mine), is this sort of stuff increasing in frequency and/or violence? We had protests from the Student Union idiots etc but i don't remember any student group (as opposed to the May Day riots etc) causing actual damage.


    For immediate use.


    Wednesday 15th June 2011


    In the early hours of 15th June, the offices held by the Armed Forces at 35 St Giles since 1936 were targeted in an expression of independent anti-militarist direct action. Red paint, emblematic of the unneccesary deaths of innocents and servicemen and -women at home and across the world, was poured over the front door and steps in order to cause maximum inconvenience to those who make war possible while masquerading as members of the local community. This was done to impede as far as possible the continuation of business from that location.

    It is hoped that the red paint will remain a permanent reminder to passers-by of the crimes against humanity that are committed just as frequently by this country as by the worst regimes which are demonised in our media. It is regrettable that our strongly-held moral beliefs have driven us to take this destructive action against a listed building, but the moral imperative requires all people to take direct action wherever and whenever possible, especially when the crimes of militarism and aggression are not merely allowed under law, but given protection and tax breaks. We have no doubt that our actions are vindicated. Mark Twain wrote that it is 'curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare', and in an age when heroism is defined almost solely in terms of military obedience, the importance of individual action in line with our inner convictions is even greater.

    We stand against: war, militarism; the arms trade; the reliance on hard power in international relations; interventionism both military and neoliberally economic; the maintenance of immoral and artificial national boundaries; the disproportionate spending on useless military expenditure in times of ideological spending cuts; the idea that anti-militarism is in some way impractical or naive; and above all the State and its claimed monopoly over legitimate violence.

    We stand for: peace, co-operation; international mediation and diplomatic solutions to conflict; the divestment of all educational institutions from the arms trade; the decommissioning (forceful if required, but not violent) of all stages of the arms trade; and above all removal of the causes of all violent conflicts, which is to say all varieties of oppression, results of the class divisions created by monetary and profit-based economics.

    We stand in solidarity with: all anti-militarist and pacifist groups and activists within a broad diversity of tactics, including especially Oxford Anti-War Action, SmashEDO, War Resisters International, the Peace Tax Seven, Bradley Manning and others too numerous to mention; anti-cuts and No Borders activists; and all anarchist, grassroots democratic, and libertarian communist groups working to create alternative institutions and smash those which currently encumber and divide the human race.


    This is a temporary and anonymised email address which will be left unmonitored when it is no longer needed. Further releases will follow in the event of new direct actions.
  2. Don't the attackers know where we'd be without any Armed Forces. Have they ever heard of WW1/2 or anything?
  3. what a shame a Trojan or Ranger unit wasn't onsite to taser the little *******
  4. They have arguments to cover WW1 and 2 - ie that WW1 was caused by the militaristic elite looking for a war and creating the circumstances for one through dubious alliances. Had the people risen up then it could have been prevented, In the same way they argue that WW2 was a by-product of the injustices of WW1. When you do try and discuss counter-arguments with these people I've found that all of a sudden "they don't want to get into an argument".
  5. Freedom of speech doesn't cover vandalism, end of. The little ******* should get community service clearing up their mess, and everyone else's too.

    After that, send the ***** on a tour of Auschwitz to show them what a war crime really is, and how war is sometimes the lesser of two evils.#

    Finally, point out that they really have got no idea what the **** they're talking about if they support anarchism and oppose spending cuts.
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  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Pacifism is all very well, and is fine as long as everyone wants the same. But the moment you get one **** who is willing to smack the shit out of someone with a big stick for not doing what he says, that is when you will need an army..

    (ok, well not that exact moment, but you get my drift, yes?)
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  7. Bingo.

    I've always liked the Team America "dicks, pussies and *********" philosophy. When the ********* come attacking, look who the pussies suddenly turn to...
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  8. At times like this one has to be thankful for being an owner of various nasty and uncompromising bits of weaponry - in an anarchist "society", it gives one an immediate edge...
  9. They are an 'anonymous' group...

    ie gutless.

    They practice vandalism to pursue their arguements...

    ie morons

    And more importantly, it is exam time...

    ie they are all going to fail (pass lower than expected), and have to take their tension out on somebody.
  10. Always makes me chuckle when you see these Anarchist fuckwits, that they are the smallest, wettest twats who have no actual life skills and would starve to death or be turned into rape toys if modern society ceased to exist and they had to fend for themselves.
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  11. Christ, militant direct action by means of pouring out a tin of vinyl matt and sneaking off into the night. If the military-industrial complex doesn't yield to their demands pronto, they might even ratchet it up to knocking on doors and running away.
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  12. Stand by, they might e-mail you abuse from their super-secret-squirrel moon base and use italics!
  13. Wait til they start using capital letters, in bold. Then you know you're in for it.
  14. Thing is these students reckon there skint and can only afford beans on paint costs a fortune, I blame B&Q for giving them 10% student discount.

    Ive another theory....Ive heard some excuses for getting out of going to work, I'd check the Recruiters hands and see who has red paint on there fingers.

    I like this bit from the statement though:
    'We stand for: peace, co-operation; international mediation and diplomatic solutions to conflict; the divestment of all educational institutions from the arms trade; the decommissioning (forceful if required, but not violent)'

    Can you be forceful but not violent with a pair of ammo boots????
  15. Red paint? **** me that'll show a group of experienced military NCOs (and the RAF fella's probably not that bothered either).
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