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Were you lied to or pressured into the `wrong` trade?

  • Yes, I was lied to and don't enjoy my job

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  • Yes, I was lied to but I am happy and would buy the recruiter a beer for saving me from the bad deci

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  • Nope, got what I wanted!

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  • Nope I wish I had been!!!

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I have just ploughed through lots and lots of paperwork for soldiers under my command who want to change cap badge they are joining. Most of them give the reason that (and have evidence to suggest) they were, at the AFCO lied to/pressured into joining a trade or regiment/corps they had no intention to join and still don't just because the recruiter told them it is the 'easiest and fastest way to get in, change when you get to phase 1'.

This really pisses me off as it shows a) a lack of integrity from the Army to a soldier from the start of his career b) the recruiters don't know how difficult they make peoples lives at ph 1 ATR c) they don't care about the troops they are lying to d) these guys will leave the Army asap since they don't enjoy their job thus having an adverse effect on retention.

Feels free to discuss, defend or resort to name calling.
I had the advantage of being a stab before I joined regular which let me see through the bluff from the ACIO.

Got exactly what I wanted because I could show I'd researched it and knew what I was talking about. (And stuck to my guns throughout)

There wasn't the advantage of arrse then, but just asked EVERYBODY I knew what the job was like.

I know plenty of guys who are unhappy in their jobs because another job needed filling when they joined up! :evil:
My mate went into the AFCO, heart set on becoming a PARA and left the interview determined ot be an Irish Guardsman!!!! Shocking.

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