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  1. Im 16 and hoping to join the paras i was thinking about going to army foundation college. Can someone explain what it is do you get to wear your regiments beret and what do you do does it give you a better chance of promotion and when u start the real army do u repeat a lot of things u done at college. thnks
  2. It'll teach you how not to massacre the english language- and let's face it, that has to be a priority matter in your case.
  3. what the hell makes you think you can speak to me like that. Im sorry i dont write like some toffee nosed areshole like you. Go and tell it to someone who gives two shits.
  4. Well, if nothing else, I at least appear to have taught you that the word 'you' consists of three letters, not a single vowel. But really, think of AFC Harrogate as a remedial stage, it'll prep you for the lifestyle and also improve your basic skills (which DOES include literacy) while involving you in training to get you physically and mentally prepared for regimental life. And no, as far as I'm aware (and I can't see a logical reason why you would) you won't wear the beret of the regiment of you hope to go into, as you will effectively just be a glorified student, and not actually a badged soldier.

    And as a final point, exactly how do you feel you will fare in the army if thats how you react to someone picking you up on spelling. How will you react when given a 0300 show parade for a hell of a lot less? Really think it's for you?

    I stand to be corrected, of course.
  5. You'll be standing a long time then.
  6. Machristo,

    Give the lad a break - he was simply asking a simple question, which required a straightforward answer. If this is how you react to 16 yr olds, I can only presume you are no longer in the Army (or never have been) as the majority of our young soldiers are exactly like him (in fact many cannot even write, let alone spell correctly) - doesn't seem to affect the tremendous way they are coping in Iraq and Afghanistan though does it?
  7. When you start at the you will receive your college badge and when you pass in (6 wks l8r) you will get you regimental badge.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong but my son got his tankie cap badge.

    You will Love there but a little piece of advice learn to keep your temper down cos it is not the way to make friends in there, your not a big hard man talking like that and your Sergent will not tolerate it.

    You will make some friends for life and lots of fun, as long as you knuckle under and if you need help dont be scared to and coz you will learn that your not the only one having a problem with something.

    Last of all Never volunteer 4 anything keep you self the grey man.

  8. The Army Foundation College is in Harrogate and I believe it has a webpage all of its own.

    It is a college with military overtones, so you will be in class most days (weekends included) and subject to military discipline for the 42 weeks that you are there. You will be taught drill, weapon handling etc and you will be given remedial training if you are weak in academic areas. If you were to choose a technical trade, you would receive basic technical training. Obviously, potential infantry soldiers will be schooled in infantry skills. I am told that the sporting facilities are the envy of all the schools in the area.

    You bit when another poster criticised your written English; if you cannot write accurately, how will you pass a message to someone else that could have disastrous effects if it was misinterpreted? And if you can't hold your tongue when criticised, the Army and the AFC may not be the best place for you! The failure rate is very high.

  9. That is what 30 years of comprehensive education has done for the country's children. What frightens me is that after ten years of "education, education and education" it appears to be getting worse with an increased number of primary school children (and these are "Blair's children") failing to pass the basic literacy tests. But it doesn't matter, does it, because those at the top can afford to send their children to private schools, or can use their influence/buying power to send their children to the better State schools? Tony Blair and Harriet Harman spring to mind. :twisted:

    Sorry, rant off.

  10. Is AFC Harrogate not just the new combined version of the old ATFC (Princess Marina) in Arborfield and the AFC in Harrogate?
    Has it changed now in the sense that it is in fact a college and not a Basic Training establishment that CMS(R) is taught?
  11. BIG HINT go to the ATRA web page the whole course programme is there.

    PS loose the attitude.
  12. I recently had my confirmation of my place at Harrogate. My recruiter said the slots allocated to each regiment fill up quickly and its based on a first come first serve basis. Also make sure you are the right age between 16 and 17 1 month. So if your gonna be older than 17 in January i doubt you will get in.
  13. Thanks for the replies and does it give you an advantage when you go into actual service (and thanks for the backup grumpy git)
  14. Fella, doesnt matter about all the training you do at the college, when you get to your first unit you will be a scrote and as such treated like one. Probably be people winding you up, trying to get a rise out of you and if you are serious about joining the paras then you might have a few other suprises depending who you go to with them.
    Best training you will probably do as inf is with the blokes you actually will be working with when get to your unit and if you are going inf then afghan training will no doubt be in the near horizon. But looking at top of the post you are safe for a while yet as cant go to operational theatre until you are 18 simply because it is bad PR for soldiers under age of 18 to die, makes the government look bad.
  15. Calum.. take note of Grumpy, because in your Regiment your response and temper WILL get you into Very serious lumber!!! and it won't just be your sergeant jumping all over you. Your only Sixteen, and your "talking" to hundreds of years of Military Experience here. So make your future Post more friendly or the Mods may not be as Friendly to you..Read the Threads but tread carefully..All the Very Best in your Career :D