Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lauren, May 12, 2007.

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  1. anybody going to army foundation collage in january ?
  2. Went last january, gladly passed out and wont be their this january :D
  3. I tried...but they dont let in OAP's!!!!
  4. I'm off in September....BOO YEAH!
  5. Apart from you? No. You'll be the only one there with an instructor to recruit ratio of 60:1. It's the new caring culture of the army...........and the fact we're skint.
  6. ha ha oh well the more boys for me ha
  7. Dirty cow 8O . You'll probably go far in the Army :p
  8. No boys I'm afraid, they're all manning sangars in Sangin. You'll be trained by all the queen bee dykes from the RLC. Enjoy!
  9. might be joining the rlc oh i'l go out there for them .
  10. ATM session? :twisted:
  11. what do you mean ATM session?
  12. Be very careful answering this one chaps, it could be considered grooming.

    Think he means auto telling machine lauren :D
  13. OMG are you pshycic? (or however you spell it) :roll:
  14. RLC dont go to AFC they all go to ADC Bassingbourn as juniors?