AFC Ranks?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Josh.E, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, my name's Josh and i'm 16.

    I got rejected from AFC Harrogate because I have braces so i thought I'd join the army cadets.

    Just looking for some insight here, does anyone know the ranks and how long it takes to become them.

    Im joining army when im 18 so i got 2 years :x

    Thanks for the help :)
  2. Let's's Tuesday does CSgt by Friday sound?
  3. I haven't even got the uniform yet! 8O
  4. Braces..................... lol Got to be a WAH!!!!
  5. Josh,
    Speed of obtaining rank will largely depend on how good you are. You will have to of passed the required star levels of training in order to qualify and then the rest is up to you. (AS A GUIDELINE 1 start qualifies you for 1 stripe, 2 star for 2 stripes etc)
    As a cadet in the mid 80's I achieved 4 star Corporal and my brother 4 star Sergeant, in a 2 year period, however this was due to being in the right place at the right time and at the right level of training to pass star boards etc.
    Different county's will have different rules for promotion but essentially it depends on you and your skills, how you behave and any leadership qualities you show. Im now an adult instructor in a different county to where i was a cadet and the requirements are slightly different but basically the same.
    Hope this helps and keep trying for Harrogate, I went there straight from cadets and looking back i loved every minute of it :)

  6. ahh right cool, thanks for the advice.

    I'm a cross country runner, will that help me become high ranking? :D
  7. not a chance :eek:
  8. I was promoted after two years, as were most of the other cadets in my county.

    Your cross country I doubt would play a part in promotion, unless there were two equally skilled 'runners'.

  9. Were you there when it was the AAC exsysop? When it was a proper college?
  10. Did you not notice the wah, or did you just choose to ignore it?
  11. I think he chose to ignore it. :p
  12. The way the ACF syllabus is set out it should take you 4 years to achieve all proficiency levels providing the set time frame between proficiency levels is adhered to. This is hardly ever the case as star testing is held by the individual counties, sometimes controlled by each company commander.

    In two years providing there is a decent training system in the county you should reach two star which would allow you to become a corporal, again this is down to the county.

  13. The oppotunity to look like I knew what I was talking about was far more important to me :D

  14. Yes I certainly was an apprentice baby tech then 85A Bradley (which gives you the grand total of 33 names to choose from of which only about 15 graduated) (and i wasnt one of them!!! :D )