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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. At selection would i have to complete the Junior Entry Army Foundation College Run time -14.30, or would i have to do the para run time - 9:18 ?
  2. Para I assume...
  3. you would have to complete the 14:30 at selection, then 1he 9:18/9:30 at the end of afc i think :D
  4. i duno but some guy at my selection got 10:43min and got through for para to go to afc so
  5. Yer i will im going next weekend anyways :)
  6. when are u planin to go to afc?
  7. Hopfully start next septemeber. I can get the 9 minutue run time just curious of whether or not i could get away with a time of over 10 minutes so selection would be easier but as mike said ill ask on the insight course next week
  8. klkl try and get everything done qwickly becuase all the para slot fill up qwick! .
    i was plannin to go para september just gone but didnt get in and now im on the waitin list for january intake :( . but looks like im goin itc catterick

    and the para insight course is brill great laughs . enjoy sunday morning lol 8)
  9. Lol well good luck with your training. What run time did you get? And ive heard you do a log run, i think on sunday morning
  10. i got 9:33mins

    and yess a log run on sunday moring (6 in da morning )
  11. Oh joys should be great fun 8)
    You must of done well on you upper body to extend your run time
  12. yea im quite a strong lad

    but nah its fun at the para insight
  13. Yer hopfully should enjoy it. Hopefully my fitness doesnt let me down lol
  14. It will give you a heads up on where your fitness needs to be, not really let you down, but put it this way, should you even make it to p coy, you're going to be hanging out wishing you were dead anyway.. same if you was to join gods corps.