afc harrogate

In the afc booklet that you get its says you will be able to do 1 sports and 1 skill, the sports i dont realy care, i will just choose footbal but the skills have go-karting ,shooting ,and many other .I would want to do powerlifting wich they have just wondering if it is good and not just some sh!ty thing , like do they have sqaut rack and dumbells over 30kg atleast ,and alll that or not ? and how many times a week do you get to do your chosen "skill" activity.

sorry and spelling and punc ...just typing all this on my ipod touch.
If you like power lifting the AFC is the place, they have a gym to die for, all the mod con's.

AFC as had a number of JS in the Army championship. Did the booklet say you must changed your sports and skill every 4 months. Therefore you will have to do other activities. This is to allow other people a opportunity to do that sport or skill.

If you are good then, you can attend the sport or skill after your 4 months or be retained by the staff.

Good Luck, you will enjoy the College.

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