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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Luke_16, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Hey lads my first post. Well im 16 and looking at goining AFC Harrogate but am going on holiday on the 10th september. So now im stuck now as when the college starts.
  2. ?

    By holiday what do you mean?

    A holiday with your parents? A holiday of a life time?

    Have you started any procedings in to going to AFC Harrogate?

    Have you thought about sacking said holiday, so you can start your "career" in the military.

    They do have other intake dates (IIRC).
  3. Its a holiday with my parents. Do you know the intake dates? i looked on the army website and cant find them.

    Cheers, luke
  4. Ok first thing is what month are you 17?
    Secondly what stage are you on your application, have you passed ADSC yet (I wouldnt of thought so as PSO's dont really like you down there till at least March/April at the earliest)

    There are two intakes a year, one in September and the smaller intake in January if your still under 17:1 years of age. It also depends on the trade your going and if vacancies are open and aswell if your going for a technical job that requires GCSE grades you wouldnt know for definate until you got your results around the 25th August.

    Lots of things yet that cannot determine if you would get September intake yet so dont panic, pm me if you have any specific questions you dont want to put on here.
  5. Thanks should of said. Im 17 january 1st and have not applied yet because i thought the course started on the date i go on holiday, so i thought there would not be a point. It looks like im not going there dont it. Also i want to join the infantry.
  6. No if your 17 on 01/01/09 then you can make both intakes (17 years and one month is the cut off age at the start of the training). Your best thing to do is go in and speak ask for a reception chat with the recruiter in the ACIO and take your parents along aswell (I prefered this when i was a Recruiting Sergeant as they could watch the DVD and answer all the important questions). It can be a long process but if you would rather wait for the January intake you have plenty of time to go through the process.

    As said speak to the Recruiter and also look through the countless threads in the Training wing about AFC and they will answer a lot of questions for you. I have been to AFC countless times as a Recruiter visiting and as a proud parent when my son passed out and have got to say its a great place.
  7. Thanks for that. So i will hopefully make it for january.

    Many thanks,