AFC Harrogate

Anybody Any Idea Why The Recruits at AFC Harrogate need to pay 180 pounds for the duke of edinburgh award


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I did mine 10 years ago, and for all 3 it cost way more than £180. All the travelling and sports sessions etc.

Sounds to me like an average.
Am doing my silver at the moment and that only cost me a further £2. So all together I have only spent £4 on DOFE.


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What about your expeditions? Do you not have to pay to get into the wilds of some place? And bring all your own food? And pay for campsites etc?

Whats the £2 for?


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And when you get to gold level you have to go on a weeks residential project - not massively expensive, but when added to everything else, I found it cost a fair bit.
£2 is for the book. Everything else was included, though I think I had to pay £5 for the expedition, but not sure, can't remember.

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