AFC Harrogate

I've been offered a post as a Tp Comd in AFC Harrogate. My questions are as follows;
1. Is it a good place to be?
2. What are the people who work/train there like?
3. Are there many of my Corps (RLC) there?
4. What is the job like?
5. What is the social side like?
If you have to ask then you are the wrong person for the job. You don't go to Trg Regts for the social, you will probably ask next, "are there any females there?"
Yeah, cheers for that inspiation drilly.

Does anyone have any actual answers as opposed to jibes on what my character may or may not be like?

Just as an aside though...are there any worthy females there? :twisted:
I've done a few ammo inspections there. Can't say what it's like to work there, but it certainly looks state of the art.

No wonder recruits are disillusioned when they get to their working units.


1. Yes great place top be - i've not long finished 20 months there
2. People like everywhere-some good some bad, but most ok.
3. At least 1 RLC pl comd and a number of RLC NCOs
4. Hard work but good fun
5. Pretty good. Harrogate is a good town for a sesh and as folks work hard they tend to play hard too.

other info. The sports facilities are mega and the mess accom is pretty decent too (though mess bills are pretty steep)
the ITGIS course is Great!!!!!
accidentalscaley said:
Harrogate is full of lovely fresh posh crumpet too. Its got the girls college there as well!!
My son's girlfriend was there until a couple of weeks ago when she left... decided the Army wasn't for her. 17 years old and drop dead gorgeous.

Told us in all innocence about another female recruit who was suspected of having nits and was told to go and shower. The very butch female NCO insisted that all the other female recruits had to shower too... just in case... and she was going to stand and make sure they did a proper job. :lol: :lol:
There are some very odd people at the AFC, most are alright but you get a few who let it all go to their head. Introduce yourself to the crows as your first night as Duty NCO with shouting "CORRIDOR!", give the crows 3 seconds to get in one straight line in height/alphabetical order whichever you may prefer, knowing full well that it is impossible for the little toe-rags to do, beast them with stress positions of your choice, and then watch then ask how high when you say jump, they will hate you for the rest of the time but know that you dont take any sh**.

As already mentioned, the northern crumpet is stunning, watch how many crows, on their first weekend alowed off barracks go to Leeds to visit a "Gentlemans Club", winstones I believe it was. Modern accomodation. If you happen to be posted to Alemein Coy. there'll be no crumpet for you, Burma or Waterloo have 'em.
I hear Alamein as a Crumpet OC, What next the Black Mafia has lost it nails reputation for the hardest Coy in the College
posted to harrogate soon as an instructor. Asked about and loadsa people say its a great place but does anyone have any good tips for me?
AFC is a great place and all the instructors seem to enjoy it, im currently there now as a junior soldier. Alot of instructors go out on the piss up over the weekend so there is a good social life there. the other instructors there are good people (most of them) and the training team always seem to get along, however some of the people you have to train are cnuts who think they know best. There are lots of cap badges at the AFc like RLC, AGC, R. Signals, RE, Medics, , infantry, AAC, RAC, artillery, REME etc

hope this helps
dannysmith251 said:
im hopefully enrolling at harrogate in the september or janurary intakes and was wondering, do u get saturday and sunday off?
some weekends ya get off others ya dont my mate just finished at harrogate says its too long but thats not the point lol
Lorenn said:
Hey, im 15 and 2 months, does anyone know when i can acctully start applying for afc harrogate? and what do you have to do to get in? :D
15 and 7 months. Its just like the selection process for anyone else - i,e You'll have to do an aptitude/trainability test (called a BARB test), followed by giving your GP a few forms to fill in - then you'll have 2 or 3 interviews. After this you'll then go away for 2 days - to an ADSC. (Army Development Selection Center)

If you search the forums there are a lot of topics about this - even a forum dedicated to it! (Joining Up)

Head over to your nearest careers office for proper information though! Good luck too!

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