AFC Harrogate

Discussion in 'Officers' started by happy_as_a_hat, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Been offered a posting to ATR Harrogate as a Tp Comd but I don't know much about the place. Does anyone know about the ATR itself and/or the people serving and training there?
  2. Phone the bloke that's doing the job you potentially would be taking over and ask him about it.
    No better information than from the horses mouth.
  3. Its Called AFC Harrogate for starters!!!
  4. Run Like Feck! It is a morale hoovering let down of a hell hole. If all you're bothered about is staying in the UK, with no decent exercises, career progression, or Op tours for 12 or 24 months, then fine. Oh, and just 'cos you're in the UK don't think that you'll have much of a life outside the college, since they'll work you into the ground and you get eff all thanks for it at the end of it all. There is so much petty minded and TRULY unnecessary red tape that you will despair. The only light at the end of the tunnel in that place is a muzzle flash!

    Embittered I admit, because I never wanted to serve there in the first place (Hence my glee to be back at RD). However, I have never encountered an establishment which values or supports it's instructors less! There are a few new faces at the top, but from what I've heard from friends still stuck there, the changes have been fo the worse.

    It comes to something when you have Coy Cdrs sitting with a couple of the Senior Subbies in the ante room agreeing that they hate the place, and the job's arrse!

    PM me if you think any of this is out of line, but after 2 years there I know whereof I speak, and I am most certainly not alone...

    Rant ends. Have a nice day!
  5. Perhaps back_at_rd didn't like it because he was the wrong type of personality for the job-sure it is hard work-I was Coy 2IC there and rode my Pl Comds hard (so to speak) but they were all great guys and girls and all seemed to enjoy what they did and got a buzz out of it. It truely is a work hard play hard environment and I am happy to have AFC on my own CV. PM me for the positive side, though the best advice is to get up there and have a look round.
  6. Not afraid of hard work, or wouldn't be doing the job! For every platoon commander you can cite who had a whale of a time there, I can cite two who didn't! (Angry irrational part of post over.)

    The experience of shaping and moulding young and impressionable minds, and working with keen and eager staff was second to none. I don't mind flogging my guts out for the blokes as their welfare was always of paramount importance. None of the Staff (or a very naughty few) can be faulted in that respect. What genuinely irked me was the utter lack of recognition of a tough job well done. Yes, some of the problems were personality driven, but it seemed to have become almost institutionalised by my second year.

    Doubtless I was the wrong personality for the job. I have a hatred of all things petty and mean; and BS of that ilk abounded there.

    We did play hard on the rare (and yes, they were very rare) occasions there was an opportunity. I am very fond of the fine town of Harrogate and its surrounding area. I can safely say that I am still in very regular contact with a lot of the friends I made there, they do say that friendships formed in adversity are the strongest bonds.

    flash_to_bang is right. There are a good deal of folk who are there for very laudible reasons, some of them even enjoy being there. His/her advice is very is sound. Go up there and have your eyes opened. Unless the place has changed a good deal in the last 8 months, there will be folk who will freely speak their minds about the job. If you have any choice in the matter then you're a far luckier chap/chapess than me. The first thing I was asked by my OC. the Co and 2 i/c of the college was "Did you volunteer for this job?" to which the answer was a resounding no! The 2 i/c (a wise and very popular chap) said that it was a pitty as one volunteer was worth ten pressed men. How true!

    The most positive thing to come out of the job is the fact that I am now in one of the Arrseholes of the world dealing with poorly educated and very poorly motivated people who I am supposed to train, and I love it! The Army could have sent me to the Falklands for a year to shovel penguin crud after the AFC and I woulkd have been happy.

    Speak to ftb for a less unhinged view if you like, but I made a vow to ensure that any brother officer didn't end up in that place without being fully aware of the consequences.

    If you end up there, all the best, hopefully only for 12 months, and say hello to Carrington's and the St James's School of Dance for me.
  7. Loved my 18 months there - you have to be able to accept some novel and un-military ideas, but if you don't get too worked up, it's fine. As with all these things, it depends on personalities.

    And as for St James' Palace of Dance - it's now TIME, and not quite what it was.
  8. Well, thank you all for your valuble contributions, it's always nice to get a balanced view! I am a volunteer and now know what I'm getting into. I will check out afore mentioned night spots with pleasure!

    Now to get a date for leaving my Guter and getting there!