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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Wendy, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. My son started 2 weeks ago,he had his medical and because 4 years ago he had an ECG for chest pains and an xray,(he was given the all clear),they now want to send him for a scan,he days they won't let him take part in anything until this has been done which is in a week,think he my be trying to make me feel bad as he says he just stays in his room all day,would they do this,he says he stays on his own and can't even do drill lessons,when i suggested I would ring them he went mad and said don't you
  2. If you call you will seal his fate for the rest of his army career as a Mummy's boy.

    Might I suggest that you trust the trainers on this one. The army have been taking good care of young people for a while now. Tell him to stop ringing home so much as well.
  3. Ok,but would they be stopping him from taking part,he's worried that he will be behind for his passing in parade..
  4. Even if he lags behind by a term he has 24 years to play catch up.

  5. It sounds a resonabale move if they have genuine concerns but ring the Welfare officer to find out...afterall, you've every right to have your mind put at rest, why should he put you through this worry..the selfish little sod.... or are you in the habit of letting a minor tell you what to do?

    There's a whole mechanism in place for these and all other concerns as it happens with every's nothing that they are not used to.

    For your own sake, call them.

    You must have all the contact info?
  6. Call his welfare office or his troop commander just to get answers yourself. He is junior entry do you have every right to know.

    You can ask that it is not passed on that you called.

    As has been said trust the Army on what they are doing. It has most likely been done before.
  7. Just don't get it as he was given the all clear,now he's worried about being discharged,the army is all his ever wanted and I don't have the welfare number just his platoon number
  8. Did you see 'Wendy's' comment about the 'passing in' parade?.....hmm? wah detector flickering
  9. WHY is that...After week 7 they have a passing In parade.

    As Sgt Slaughter says speak with his Company Commander, 2 IC or Sgt Major, you will of been given those numbers when you took him on the first day. We have a duty of care to ensure all JS are not at risk so that is why he is unable to partake in anything until he is deemed fit to train. Up until now he has had his RG8 scrutinised and his medical but if yourself and his GP hadnt mentioned the ECG 4 years ago no one was aware. Once allocated a place at AFC the SMO gets his medical records and it was spotted thats why they need to confirm there are no problems now. Hopefully if all is ok after his scan then he can continue with training but only the SMO can make that decision. You as a parent are allowed to phone and make sure all is ok (without sons permission if you want ) as he only is there after you gave him consent as under 18. Having a son who went through Harrogate a number of years ago and in the Recruiting world you have no worries with contacting them.

    Maybe you put this in the wrong forumn and it wants moving from the Junior section into training wing or Recruiting forumn.
  10. Cheers for the info...been out of that loop for a while.
  11. No problem, its where they change from their AFC cap badge to their chosen Capbadge and put on a bit of a show for the parents etc, well worth going up to see how your young uns have developed in the first few months of training.
  12. I'm starting at afc harrogate on the 9th of september 2012 , joining the artillery just wondering if there is anyone else on here joinging then as a JE?
    Carly x
  13. Carly try posting in the AFC chat and queries thread
  14. how do i do that:s xx