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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by cossie1990, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. basically i am 15 years old and hope to join the army through afc harrogate what i want to know is could anybody tell me what happens in a typical day/week?

    any help would be much appreciated

  2. You wake up at daft o clock, get beasted, rush your breakfast, go on parade, get beasted some more, do PT, throw up on PT cos you rushed your full english fry up, get beasted some more, go for lunch, go to a english or maths lesson, finish that then get beasted some more, bull your boots, get them thrown out the window cos they aren't shiny enough, go and fetch them and bull them some more, go for evening meal, rush that too, get beasted some more, then down to the NAAFI if your allowed, lights out at 22.30, but expect to be up later than that cos some tosser wont shut up and get his head down. Then you do it all again the next day. It is fun sometimes. I'd go to an ATR though and learn a trade. But if your going Infantry, go to the AFC cos it will be the only chance you'll get to get a decent qualification.
  3. dunno hu this ggeezer is ^^6 but he is kinda rong, he is exaggerating so much

    for one- your arent allowed to bull your boots and so on... but yeh u do get up at daft o clockand u do rush every meal... but thts just the first shitty six weeks :)
  4. Really?!
  5. My son has been at Harrogate since Sep and they dont have to bull thier boots Yet!
  6. Pfft! Amazing!
  7. what platoons ur son in :L we had to bull teh fuk outta our boots for drill test
  8. Just wanted to highlight this point- Going to either AFC or an ATR will make no difference whatsoever to learning a trade should you be going along that route, everyone does the same phase 2 training afterwards- AFC covers CMSR just the same as an ATR would, albeit (in my personla opinion) to a better standard. That is no slur on either the instructors or recruits, more on the time spent in training.
    Speaking from personal experience, I have found that in the main, soldiers who went through Harrogate are more receptive to further training than those who didn't. Although a lot of that clearly depends on the individual, I believe that spending longer getting into the soldier mentality, for want of a better phrase, better prepares AFC recruits for phase 2 and subsequently their arrival at their units.
  9. What happens if I pass out of there as a Para do I do PCoy at phase two?? Im not sure what actually happens at phase 2.
  10. Unless anything has changed drastically recently, you will complete phase one at harrogate, then go on to a 14 week course at Catterick, where you specialise as an infanteer. After that, you move onto P Coy.
    Thats a broad outline of what I understand to be correct, however if that is wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.
  11. Okay thanks.