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Discussion in 'Officers' started by sgnsty, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Just found out I might be getting a posting there soon. Anyone work/worked there? Is it as much of a **** about as I've been led to believe?
  2. Not Harrogate, but Pirbright and Phase 2 in the past (that entailed visits to and from Harrogate).

    How have you been led to believe it's a ragging? You get a Phase 1 platoon/troop of slightly younger intake, as they do some quals as well as the military stuff. Your program will be defined by the course (42 weeks?) and you will add value in how you organise activities etc.

    You will have a chance to influence basic training, to "mould" civvis into trained soldiers (of sorts) and get a sense of achievement from it. Downsides - it is a fixed program. I don't think harrogate is as bad as Pirbright or the other Ph1 schools, as the program is longer, but I found Pirbright to be like groundhog day...
  3. Yes, it is.
  4. Thanks for the replies but realised I wasn't specific enough in my question. I won't actually be going as Pl training staff, more in an office role. I was interested in what people though of the posting as a whole. The **** about part of my question was related to something I was told a few years ago by a mate who was a full screw there, he implied that it was a shit posting full stop, not just the working with crows part...
  5. Well, a couple of things if I may.

    You have posted this in the OFFICER'S area - I therefore gave you my opinion of the posting from an officer's perspective.

    Secondly, a mate that told you it was a "shit posting" and not just because of "the crows" sounds a bit negative. I bet if you asked him why he responded "it just is". Because he didn't like the area? Because he didn't like the regime of Harrogate (in my opinion a mix of 6th form college and phase 1 school) or what? And using terms like "crows" will get you crucified. I don't know what the official title is at the moment, ubt I expect it's junior soldier or something politically correct - these things come down from CDS to prevent them all being "crows" which is one step away from "maggots" and then a general slide into useless individuals. Once labels are attached, mindsets alter and you get a bad product regardless...

    And then you say you're going to do "an office job". What do you mean? Company clerk? Or are you not even military? Civil servant?

    Perhaps consider posting this in another area.
  6. SuT's - Soldiers Under Training
  7. Also i can't see an Officer being in the same boat as a Cpl, so I'd ring the Adjt and ask them for Officer advice
  8. Still SuTs...horrible term, too tempting to just add an l...
  9. SUT's within AFC(H) are refered to as Junior Soldiers (JS)
  10. I am an Officer.

    My mate wasn't talking about Platoon training, more about the general level of bullshit that is present.
  11. Well, it's a phase one training establishment, but more (maybe worse) they are junior soldiers - even more impressionable. This will mean more stringent rules to abide by, higher standard.

    If you view this as "bullshit" then maybe you shouldn't go. If you view it as the necessary standards to present to impressionable youth, who will see everyone there as an advert for the Army first, then their capbadge/corps second and form an opinion of them and the corps/cap badge from that, then fine.

    I haven't served at Harrogate, but as I said, at another Phase 1 school and at Phase 2 - standards required there will scare some off too.
  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    My other half is working at AFC and thoroughly enjoys the job. Two intakes a year, one of about 800 or more and one of about 300.
    Nice part of the country too, 2 miles into town.
  13. Just finished 3 years at the AFC; I would say it's a good place to work, the amount of messing about tends to decrease the further from the actual delivery of training you work. The facilities are great and as a Junior Training Establishment & PFI the funding to keep things running is pretty much set in concrete.
    I suppose the final thing to say as with all postings it's what you make of it.
  14. Thanks for the condescending answer you belter, is your CO in this chatroom by any chance?

    Pretty sure I won't be 'scared off' by the standards required. More worried about getting fucked around and missing every single weekend for no reason, or being picked up by some **** Adjt because my sidies are a millimetre to long.

    I tend to find that about 80% of people who hide behind pointless bullshit like bulled boots and sidies are usually covering up for professional incompetence.

    The other 20% are competent, just *******.

    Those kind of details were the insight I was after, sorry if I didn't make myself clear enough in my first post.
  15. Are you ******* 5 years old? If you're not mature enough to tow the party line, don't bother