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AFC Harrogate

Hi i start my basic training on the 9th Jan 2011 at afc harrogate and was wondering if anyone has any advice and what its like and if anyone else on here is starting on the sam date
Murphy ill give u advice,
Im a corporal here at the College. Dont expect to come here and start to get stuck in about Army stuff straight away. there is alot of paper work to get done plus this place is called a "college" for a reason u do ALOT of schoolwork as it seems. however apart from all that u ll enjoy it. Come here keep yourself under the radar and ull be fine.. Cpl S
Im a junior soldier here i started 5th Sept, everyone said to me oh yes the 6 weeks was hard, and it wasn't hard for us, we kept each other going, there was people that left and people that replaced them, We came together and closer in the 6 weeks and with being the only mixed platoon in my intake the lads looked after us. When it gets hard just laugh it off. The 6 weeks isnt hard its just crap cause you crave everything your not allowed like junk food the lot and unless you get your parents or whoever to send it then your not going to get it. The first week is mainly paper work teaching you ironing if you get your uniform that week if not look forward to wearing college tracksuit.
Good luck

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