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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Bada BING!, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. Hey I'm new here and wondering about what age you should apply for Harrogate?

    I'm in Year 10 and am 15, so just wondering when is to late and when is to early to apply, and also where to apply?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Hey mate, im also 15 and wanting to go to harrogate . are you in year 10 ? if so same here. im applying when im 15 and 7 months which is the earliest i can. so i get a garunteed place. so hopefully ill be in the september 2012 intake :) anyway get back to me
  3. Yeah I'm in year ten and planning to apply same age as you,
    also what year will you be when you apply, I'll just be in year 11.
  4. Well my birthday is in september so i can apply in april. Mate i think we may be in the same intake . message me your name and ill add you on facebook :)
  5. sent it mate
  6. Added mate :)
  7. im goin harrogate in jan and im wondering wether i need normal shorts for swimming or speedos :/
  8. I started my application when I was in year 10 id say start as soon as you can so you can secure the capbadge you want. Im now at Harrogate having left school in may.
  9. Yeah i am . im able to appy in april. Then ill hopefully be in the september 2012 intake :)
  10. i was on this thread where it said bring trunks
  11. i dont know wether i can take normal shorts
  12. speedos pal
  13. sorry to push in guys but going to grandson's pass in very soon, i have been previously to son's pass out, two different things, a pass in will be a first for me, any help on what to expect and what to wear, dont want to embarrass my grandson but dont want to freeze (remembering my sons pass out) - cheers and well done to all you jnr soldiers, it's hard work it seems.
  14. I havnt started yet but i have been to a passout. Ive been told its them marching on the parade square and them passing it to their regiment and getting their new cap badge. I dont know if you spend a little time with them after.

    Ps. You could just bring a jacket or something warm incase
  15. Bada BING and Liam, you seem like a really sweet couple. Can I watch you spit up each others *********?