AFC harrogate, what are the fitness requirements

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by EuanG123, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Hey everyone, i recently applied to join 4 SCOTS, The Highlanders and i have heard as i am 17 on the 25th of June 2008 that i will be sent to either AFC Harrogate or ATR Bassingbourn, with my grades i have been told i have a high chance of getting into harrogate, the only thing is im unsure of the fitness requirements to pass ADSC selection to get into harrogate, some people have told me it is 14 minutes 30 seconds and some 12 minutes. could someone who is positive of the requirements post them on here please.
  2. As far as I am aware, As infantry, You need to get under 13 minutes in your run.

    35 Sit ups in 2 minutes, and 30 Press ups in 2 Minutes.

    Really not hard to achieve, Even for the really chairborne. You should be aiming for around 10:00 for your run and at least 50 press ups and sit ups.

    I could be wrong.

    How much phys are you doing at the moment?
  3. I'm under the impression that they no longer do pushups or situps at ADSC (from what others have said from experience) although they will test you for this when you get to your ATR. They do pull-ups but that isn't a pass-fail test but a best effort exercise.

    Run is something like <10:30 for infantry but obviously aim for as quick a time as you can.

    EDIT- There's a wealth of information on the army website (although some of it is no longer accurate, so look around if in doubt)
  4. ok thanks, well right now im doing an army prep course for 13 weeks, its pretty much aimed at geting people past ADSC, 2 couple mile runs a week with 2 circuits a week one usually a muscular resistance circuit. anyway thanks for info.
  5. To be honest I doubt that you will make it through ADSC selection in time and get a place at Harrogate if you are not at the interview stages of your application yet. I presume this from what your saying about not knowing the run times which your recruiter would of told you about before getting you in for your interview. As Ive said before I would not of personnally put anyone forward for selection until they were running well below 11.30 and if going infantry even as a junior 11.00 minuts.
    Your age will get the better of you for Harrogate I believe because you have to be under 17;1 so have only th January intake to aim for and its under 10 weeks to get all your things completed and passed plus hoping for a place to be available still. It could be possible but extremely tight deadlines.
  6. im just on my second interview tomorrow, but the recruiter hasnt had anyone in harrogate for a while and he hasnt told me the reuirements, just said "ill look them up."
  7. Ive visited AFC numerous times and sent a dozen or so there whilst recruiting but stopped Recruiting a while back. My son as just finished there in August, its a good place but as said I believe time might be against you. Ask your recruiter if you can watch the AFC DVD, its very good. What part of the country are you from, ACIO?

    Good luck.
  8. thanks, im from highlands, scotland. ive been told i could get down to ADSC about the end of november or december sometime, the main reason i would like to get into harrogate in january is because im on an army prep course right now which is keeping my fitness up to scratch for ADSC but if i dont get in in january then i would have to wait till im 17 on the 25 of june and go down to catterick, i would just find it harder to keep my fitness up for half a year till i could get to catterick
  9. Do you know where I can get a copy of this? maybe youtube or some other website? Im at harrogate in january, cant wait!
  10. How about trying for Bassingbourne instead? Its more or less the same, but you get through much quicker. If you dont get into Harrogate then its somthing to try for. Iv got a family cousin going to harrogate early next year, so there may still be a chance.
  11. Euan

    Someone will contact you today from the AFCO
  12. ok cool all cleared up. lol i thought my BARB test counted as an interview :p should really be: i did my BARB test today not my second interview.
  13. Under 12:45 for infantry aiming for 10:30 however under 11 is what you want you do get extra time(14:30) as a junior but for getting into the army as a whole(dunno what job thats a lot of time) particular job roles especially para and infantry you still have to get the same times as anyone else

    You going to ADSC Glencorse? Just passed from there on thursday 8) (for infantry as well :p however adult entrant missed intake date for harrogate im too old now :x but im getting in quicker as a result so hell yea :twisted: )

    Bring on ITC Catterick gonna be so mint:)