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AFC Harrogate to adult ATR/ITC transfer

Apologies for a new thread. I did use the search, but didn't find what I was looking for.
A friend's son started AFC Harrogate, wasn't enjoying the 'back to school' element. Then Covid hit and from what I can gather they were all sent home to mark time.
He started around January having turned 17 in December. He is due to go back at the end of August and is having doubts. But the doubts seem to be about the 'school' environment rather than being a soldier.
Given that he is now older, is there an option to be cross decked to adult training? I know things have changed massively since 1989 when I went to Depot at 17 yrs 1 month, but surely there is an option rather than losing a potential body.
Any knowledge from the experts?
Genuinely, encourage him to stay. Yes the VE Wing and lessons etc are a bit "school" but he will/should leave with all his English and Maths quals squared away. Also AFC facilities beat all adult Basic Environments.

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Isn't it 17 1/2 you need to be to start training as an adult? I'm sure that used to be the case anyway.
Certainly when I did recruit training in the mid eighties at least one lad was seventeen. I thought it changed because of the children's act, minors and all that. Under eighteens cannot join the reserves, ironicly.


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Due to the public unease of child soldiers.

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