AFC Harrogate, September 9th

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by PushBeyondYourLimits, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Got GCSE results today, all went kosher, no problems.
    Enlisting on the 3rd September, then going in on the September 9th intake.
    Anyone else going in on that intake?
  2. Yes I'm going then mate. What you joining?

  3. REME, Aircraft Tech.
  4. Good luck guys!

    Push beyond, what results did you get? I also got my results on Thursday!

  5. Everyone got 'em on Thursday ;) All the best lads, and remember things can only get better ;)
  6. B In English, C In Maths, CC In Science, Well They're The Important Ones
  7. All the best guys being the september intake you should fall into cambrai peninsula or waterloo company i hope you enjoy yourselves guys but just one question im not too current but when i went to harrogate you could only join the infantry artillery or armoured corps has it changed now????
  8. Cheers Man, Yeah Must Of Done Cos I'm Going Into REME
  9. Yea theres a chance i could go with this intake as REME aircraft tech.
    January if not.
    Good luck anyway.
  10. Yeah Man? Sound
    Yeah Good Luck To You Fella
  11. i should have joined the REME as an electritian in September.But i have been offered a 3 year apprentiship with a good local firm in Doncaster so iam going to take that hope i have made the right decision.Good look to the rest of you let us know what its like
  12. There is considerable scope for you to join a number of Regiments and Corps nowadays at the AFC. The majority of them are represented somewhere amongst the DS. If not, your platoon commander will be able to get a recruiter to come to speak with you if you do decide to change capbadge once you have a better understanding of how the Army works and what everyone does...

    I was DS there for a couple of years and although things may have changed, I'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

    Good Luck, keep a sense of humour and remember, they can't kill you or make you pregnant!
  13. Im goin September 9th aswell, Welsh Guards ;)