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AFC Harrogate, September 9th



All the best guys being the september intake you should fall into cambrai peninsula or waterloo company i hope you enjoy yourselves guys but just one question im not too current but when i went to harrogate you could only join the infantry artillery or armoured corps has it changed now????
i should have joined the REME as an electritian in September.But i have been offered a 3 year apprentiship with a good local firm in Doncaster so iam going to take that hope i have made the right decision.Good look to the rest of you let us know what its like
There is considerable scope for you to join a number of Regiments and Corps nowadays at the AFC. The majority of them are represented somewhere amongst the DS. If not, your platoon commander will be able to get a recruiter to come to speak with you if you do decide to change capbadge once you have a better understanding of how the Army works and what everyone does...

I was DS there for a couple of years and although things may have changed, I'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Good Luck, keep a sense of humour and remember, they can't kill you or make you pregnant!

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