Afc Harrogate september 2010 intake

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ashleydodds, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, got my pre selection in 2 weeks up in chepstow for the afc, can anyone tell me if they have done this process before, specifically for harrogate and tell me a bit about what you do at pre selection.
    Cheers guys
  2. Not only do I swear you've asked about "preselection" before, but there are a million of the same bloody replies of identical posts to read - which IIRC you also had a look at aswell. You can't be this stupid, surely?
  3. Im currently at school achieving a's. So no, im not stupid, You seem to comment on all my posts, is this all you do; Sit on this all day, get a life!
  4. Ah, the grand irony. Intelligence has very little to do with remembering set glimpses of information, regurgitating them at one point, receiving a certificate and forgetting said info. Even Uni grads have issues with basic skills, it's a worrying time.
    I comment on your posts for the simple reason it provides a bittersweet kick, stupidity annoys me - but I get a high from the slapping.
  5. This is called a forum for one reason, to ask questions until you understand the answer, thats all im doing buddy! Now can anyone answer my question properly?
  6. You know the bloody answers, you've not only seen from others - you've also asked in the past.
    I just noticed you've also dribbled over the Infantry section etc aswell, and as was said on there - don't ask stupid questions and you won't get tagged for it. Why the hell should someone type up a full new response to something you've seen before? It goes beyond being a lazy bugger.
  7. I dont recall asking about pre selection at harrogate in any other post!!!
  8. Really, darling?

    No shit sherlock
  9. Yeah it shows. Perhaps you need to grow up abit.
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