AFC Harrogate Sept 2009 Intake

Hi, I have been using ARRSE for some time now to gain information about AFC Harrogate. I read with interest a forum on this site from Mums and Dads who have Junior Soldiers currently at Harrogate. I have found that so much Knowledge, information, support and help is given from the forum that I feel I must take the lead in starting a post off. I am still a little bemused in how to exactly do this. This is my first attemt. so may not get anywhere.
My son is going to AFC Harrogate in September 2009. He is going in as a REME Vehicle Mechanic then maybe a PT Instructor.
If you want to share information, chat, advise, or ask for advise then if this post takes off like the one I have been reading it will come to be a god send.
Thanks XRock
Hi xrock,
I'm Suzzie, mum to a 16yr old lad off to AFC(H) on 6th Sept 09. He is also joining REME but as an Aircraft tech.
He can't wait, I swing with his moods sometimes it feels great that he will be gone soon ( grumpy git) other times just thinking about it has me in tears.
I hope this takes off and we can support each other over the next year or so. Keep in touch
Suz :D
Hi Xrock and Suzzie,

My daughter is also joining AFC (H) in september :D , she is joinging REME as Avionics tech although there is a dispute there, as she cose Air Tech, but they have given her a place saying that over time she will be able to cross, but until 1st phase training everyone does the same anyway - just hope they are true to their word.

Glad to find other parents going through same feelings and that we are able to communicate regarding kit lists etc
Hi angie,
Welcome to the club.My son had his last exam today so it's just a waiting game now. Plenty of time of exercise if I can ever get him out of bed!Check out the parents chat and Harrogate has its own line, Then there is the rear party. All worth a read. Keep in touch, it's great to have someone in the same boat.
hey guys n gals. i am going to afc harrogate on the 6th sep. i am joining the royal signals as a comms system engineer. has anyone go their kit list yet???
I had mine a long time ago, should be in the 'AFC Harrogate' booklet thing, if you havent got one your careers office will have one. Anyhow, im going to Harrogate 6th september as an infantryman, 3 mercian :) If anyone reading this is going for 3 mercian aswell then PM me please.
Hi Everyone and welcome.
After I started this post I checked it's progress everyday for ages and it got nowhere, I gave it up as lost timer.
It's great to see a response.

Hi Angi I see you write on the other post, 'chat and queries' did you deffect from this one as there was little going on? lol I am enquiring through our ACIO about the Harrogate open day this year! Someone mentioned it on the other post, must get an invite to that, I watched a good little video clip on the AFC Harrogate website today, shows all the Mums and dads walking around the rooms etc.

Hi Suzzie Just read your PM you sent, I must get into the habit of checking to see if I have private messages. I have replied but got a bit mixed up who I was talking too, so most of it could be nonscence to you.
I have started to get my future J/s doing some fitness training, it wasn't so bad in the footy season, but with all the revising and exams things have slipped a little.

Hi Stone940 and mozzer93 Welcome to the forum, looks as if you found a room mate already, Royal Signal SEng
We received initial invite to open day through post yesterday....gutted they are restricting it to one parent/guradian :evil: how can they make a child choose...
Duno whether we gona go as daughter spent time there last year on work experience so she is familiar with the grounds and facilities
Thanks to those who have answered my questions on all forums especially those re kit and extras
Hi All
I recieved an invitation today for the AFC H open day scheduled for the 25th July! This was possibly due to the fact that I confronted our ACIO about the fact a few days ago that I had not had one, coincidence maybe? The topic of how many parents/relatives go is another issue!! We are only allowed 1 parent, how mean is that? How can the Mum be happy with not seeing where their little treasure will be spending the next 12 months and even more importantly how can the dad see where is little demon is finnally going to grow up.
Still not heard anything, not that disapointed as ment to be going on holiday :) and as for only letting one parent go that is just cruel!! only getting a little anxious that he has been forgotten!
hi all,
im also going to harrogate on 6th september. i cant wait. im joining the RLC as an Ammo Tech. is anyone else going ammo tech? im also going to the open day on the 25th. i cant wait for that either lol.
see you all on the 25th. or the 6th
Iam going harrogate sept 6th 09 and iam so excited because ill my life i wanted to join army and now i finally got a chance to join harrogate thats so awsome so is everybody still doin there training lol because iam out of training for 2 weeks which is really bad now i may ave fractured me right foot so hopefully it heals quick.
Iam joining the Royal Anglains infantry soldier
and good luck to all the others see you all up there
im going to afc in septemberm aslong as i get the right results! only D's but now that i have done exams, and awaiting results makes me feel nervous! Im going in REME as a vm.

Hi moony and armyjohno
Hope your fracture heals johno! What part of the Country are you from? Royal Anglians are normally East Midlands aren't they?

Hope you get your grades moony, my son is going for reme vm too, joining afc H in sept. He should get his grades unless he had a brain blank during the exam. Keep us posted wont you.

Hi theman09, see you on the 25th at the open day!

Cheers Xrock
Hi every1 im new to arrse
im joining harrogate in september
im going in the yorkshire regiment :D
but i want to know if when ure at harrogate are you allowed to change your job choice?
was thinking the same thing about what time you had to be there!
does anyone know what the training exactly is like? say how many miles are you expected to run? or how many mintutes.

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