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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by WilliamHall, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. I got an A at selection and a really good report so im told by my recruiter. I am also wanting to join The Royal Regiment of Scotland. The intake for harrogate is this sunday and vacancies are all taken, my recruiter said that sometimes vacancies come up and you can be given as little as 3 days notice to go down. My recruiter said im at the top of the shortlist. What are the chances of me actually getting a vacancy ?
  2. There is always a good chance as quite often there are no shows or drop outs within a few days. Keep on top of your recruiter for the first few days to see if spaces come up and Harrogate will take you.

    Look up The_Iron on here he is best placed for advice.
  3. As Sgt Slaughter there are always a few No shows and JS who fail medicals etc in first few days so some places may come available early next week. If so its called a OP Rocket and as soon as any places are known those at the top of each Awaiting allocation could get the call. If I was you I would keep phones on and listen out if your Recruiter gets a call next week and you may get the good news.....and in one case I had a few years back one of my lads was up in training 30 hours after I had spoken with him.
  4. Always a chance mate, even at ITC there's a few no shows & people want to drop out within the first week. Good luck in your aspirations to join the RRS mate.
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