AFC Harrogate Pass Out 17th August

A big well done to the approx 600 young lads and lasses who passed out at the Army Foundation College today at Harrogate. A very good parade and you have all deserved a well earned couple of weeks till your phase 2 training kicks in and as you were all informed today you are no longer recruits you are now soldiers and its hopefully the start of a fruitfull career for you all.
Well done and good luck to the future, stay safe.


War Hero
crackin' parade. well done to you all. all the best to RSM Sandy Mac hope you enjoy your retirement.
Well done, it is 35 years almost to the day since I passed out there


War Hero
the place has seriously changed since then.
You're not kidding, just been Google Earthing it and apart from the playing fields to the eatern end of camp, can see nothing that remains from 1970.

Even then there were some 'Heritage' buildings; the wooden spider type WRVS Canteen/PS Mess/Post Office and the camp cinema, everything else being relatively newly built. What happened to the 25m pool?
Son of IRON, (should that be travel iron) :wink: passed out today.

Hope you all have a great career and stay safe.

Edited for sh1te spelling AGAIN!
T'Iron, best wishes to your son for a safe, long and fulfilling career. Hope he joins (or has already joined) ARRSe.
No Video, but I do have some really good Pictures. Especially of the Red Devils "dropping In". A cracking parade to finish off a tough year. Well done.

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