AFC Harrogate Intake 27 September 2011

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Murphy512, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I am hopefully going to afc Harrogate on 11th September 2011 intake 27. If you are too please pm me your name or email so I can see who is going to be there with me
  2. Darling, you might want to change the wording of your post in case some of the instructors at Harrogate are on here.
  3. As mr. dale mentioned, think of your own PERSEC and perhaps reword "PM me your e-mail address", as well as instructors
  4. Thanks for the reply, this might be a stupid question, but why?
  5. If its a stupid question why not leave your mobile phone number?
  6. Mr Dale? Are you boiling my pisser?

    There are a few 1000 members on arrse at the moment, and I can virtually guarantee that one of them will be your instructor at Harrogate. They will beast you and make your life even more hell than it already will be.

    Please just change the wording.
  7. I'm going to kill you.
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  8. Fine, you moaning gets. I redacted the name and did the search again.

    Is this you?

    H**** M**** - Google Search
  9. Haha have done :) new to the forum haha thanks for the advice
  10. Its all about not giving out any info about yourself in a public place about details to do with your career with the army. they will drill that into you at harrogate. speaking from experience.
  11. Zero_Over if you wish to add me pm me your details please, learnt my lesson now haha. Thanks for early warning other people :)
  12. They need to change their wording. No need to start all that sort of silliness mate

    Edit: never mind, you already changed it, nice one.
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  13. You can pack it in as well.
  14. Stop quoting it. You ******* traitor seagull.
  15. Murf, my pleasure.

    Rt Hon Lady Dale of Snailsville
    Home Sec for ARRSE.

    (If these lot start on you, let me know).