Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mac912, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Being posted to the college in the summer, after any useful info. Quarters, schools, area, and any other info that could be helpful. First phase one posting plus baby en-route so anything to chill me out a bit would be great
  2. Yes me to matey i'm going to Harrogate in September is that what you mean by "summer" and also have you been given your Army number yet ,and how far are you into the process im still awaiting selection (pending soon)
  3. i've had my army number quite a while, i'm posted there as an INSTRUCTOR look forward to seeing you there matey.
  4. Mac912.

    Go to the ArmyNet and see Training establishments the AFC as its own page full of useful info. I was posted there a couple of years ago, great place to work social life is hot draw
  5. Do an Arrse search for harrogate and AFC-there has been much debate about the AFC elswhere-I did a tour there not long ago-hard work and good fun. Enjoy
  6. cheers