Discussion in 'REME' started by mac912, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Due to be posted to AFC in the summer, would appreciate any heads up i can get, including quarters(any good) and surrounding area.

    Any info on sect cmdrs job up there would also be nice
  2. RSM is a nice chap :)
  3. can i assume you know him WELL then.
  4. Not in that sense, but I did work with him in a previous employment.
  5. AFC harrogate is a good posting to have if you want a buckshee as fook time mate the only downside is dealing with the junior freaks they're like a bunch of big brother contestants trying to join the army!!
  6. AFC Harrogate is OK, but their admin is crap. Tell me, just how is it possible to lose a DE435(A) when you just KNOW it was posted recorded delivery, and you KNOW it was received by FG4(ops) ? I’m really pissed off because I claimed for four months of DNK last year at £23.46 a day and that netted me over £2K. Now I’ll have to wait another 3 months for DIPGS to sit again to assess this unholy mess. I'm only too glad I'm LSL.