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Hello, sorry if this the wrong place to post this as I'm new here.
Anyway, I am thinking of joining AFC next September, I am 16 and 17 next April. By September I will be 17 and 5 months so I need the intake to be before (I spoke to Army Jobs on Facebook and they said the intake will most likely be before the 20th which is my birthday) so I should be able to get in. I am currently at college and I was just wondering when they ask your teachers for a reference, will they ask my college or my previous school? Thanks to anyone who can help!
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you have been given wrong information....JE is max of 17:4 so you are too old for a September 2013 intake and I suggest will be Sept 8th intake.
Wow, really? Army Jobs said it's 15 and 5 month. :-\\\\
think you meant to say 17:5 not 15:5doesn't suprise me....sorry its 17:4 I would suggest you ask facebook sight to check their info correctly nicely of course and confirm.
As I said the maximum age is 17:4 and regarding the intake date in September it hasn't been released yet but is always the Sunday between around 7th to 12th so I would presume it will be no different this year and be around the 8th sept for long course combat roles and the 22nd for short course tech roles. (as said ask the Armyjobs to confirm on TRHJ that JE jobs are 17:4 and not 17:5 as they say unless new policy is changing again)
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