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:D Hi all. Is there anyone who is joining Harrogate on 7th September? My son is starting there & Im trying to find out as much info for him as I can. I know, typical mum ah lol. Has anyone been given their kit list yet? Were still waiting for ours & I need to start buying the stuff. What is this 'black tape' I keep reading about? Something to do with your feet. Where would I get some? How much money are you taking with you to last the 3 weeks? The army office said £25. My son has been working his but of to keep fit but I still think the first 6 weeks will be hard. Is there anyone who has just started their 1st phase of training? What can you tell me. I would be so greatful for any info that anyone can give me. It makes a life alot easier to know things up front!

Please feel free to email me or I will keep checking in here.

Oh he is doing the riffels, light infantry. :D



You sound a little excited. Rest assured all your son has to do is turn up. Plenty of time for the kit list to show up and for him to get ready. The soldiers that carry out the task of turning civilians into soldiers have centuries of experience behind them. They will see that he is taken care of. As for cash, if the office says 25 quid, then 25 quid it is. Your son might find a few unsavoury types at the depot who wouldn't turn a blind eye to a 100 quid laying around. No point in providing them the temptation.

As for the training being hard? You damn right it is. It's designed that way, but a thousand odd posters on here and generations before have been through it. Again, worry not. If your son has the stones he'll make it look easy. You'll be a proud Mum when you watch him parade by at the end of his training.

You sound proud of your son and you should be. He's about to become part of something special that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

PS. The black tape is for his eyes for the platoon photograph taken near the end of training. PERSEC you understand.


I'm going, also you will find the kit list inside the green booklet he was giving at Selection.


"Recruit Training Your Next Step"

It's on Page 9.


:D Thank you both very much for taking the time to reply. Yes I am so excited for him. He has wanted this since he was little & he cant wait! I am going to miss him rotten mind you lol. Yes as a mum I am driving him mad lol asking so many questions but thats what mums are for. Anyway, thank you again.


Hi there. Well I would like to know all the above as well as my son goes there in Sept. (he is 16) Are you going there? He is doing infantry. :)


Hi there LUFC91.
My lad went late 2006, he did his time there and loved it, he is now with his Regiment in Germany.
The usual bull etc but he seemed well looked after and transformed from a bit of a slob to a total Professional of whom I am extremely proud.
The accomodation is ok and new not sure about the rest but I liked the curry when I visited!
Harrogate is great for old gimps like me (ace pubs ) not sure for a young thruster though.
Hope you have some more replies.
Cheers, Headgash.


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Night life and locals, you wont get enough time off in the first 6 weeks to even be aware they exist - even the NAAFI will be something of a treat. After you pass in, the second term you can get out abit more but I beleive there are still curfews except on weekends, but if you have a weekend off why would you want to hang around when you can get yourself home/out to see mates.
Accomodation is meant to be pretty good, 6 or 8 man rooms, the buildings have only been up just under 10 years so relatively modern by the standards of alot of places.
Food depends on the contractor, was meant to be pretty good but as with anything changes of suppliers/chefs will mean it being great one year and crap the next.
The facilities are pretty good the gym is more than adequate, the WRVS has/had around 8 internet terminals but theres no wireless for the JS on camp (although there are areas it could be picked up last year in the Junior Ranks NAAFI). The NAAFI itself does what it needs to, not necessarily what you want it to, basic junk food is the menu but can be a long wait when its busy and again you probably wont be in there for long/often in the first 6 weeks.

Everyone I spoke to when I worked there found it was one of those things that you get out of what you put in and its mostly about the friends you make and not upsetting the Instructors too much too often.

Good luck.


:D My son, 16, has just read the above reply & laughed. A nervous laugh lol! 8O Thanks for the info. That was useful to me also. What should you wear when you turn up? :)


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Something smart goes down well but on the day you get there just whatevers comfy for travelling in, the arrivals day tends to be about getting in to your rooms meeting your roomates and getting a rough idea of the layout of the place.

But to be honest when I was working there (not as an instructor I ought to add hence no comment on the training side of things) there were Juniors walking around in anything from trackies and teeshirts to suits.


Hello everybody :)

I'm going to Harrogate on the 7th of September and it would be great to talk to others. :D

Ive just posted this thread to let people leave there email addreses so it is easier to talk to people :)

i mean you dont have to but it would be cool to talk to people faster and not haveing to wait for the computer to load if you get me :p ...

So if you want to add me Heres my email address

MOD EDIT - PM wurzle for addy

I made it years ago lol so i know its a bit corny....

I'm joining the rifle btw so could as many rifles add me so i can get to tlak to you :D



Are you sure you start on a Sunday?

I start basic at ATR Pirbright on September 8th (Monday - also my bday :lol:).

As far as I understand, basic always starts on a Monday - could be wrong though.


good luck fellas
Boys, no jokes. Your going to love it there. I did 42 weeks of it and loved every second! It gets tough, but all worth it. Work hard guys and youll reap the benefits. 6 weeks of adventurous training and you get paid to do it!

If old RSM Mack is still there, oh dear lol. Hes a killer. But have fun guys! If you want ANY advice or want to know anything then give me a shout and ill happily answer your questions.

ENJOY! This is where your army life starts, make it worth while. Youll miss it when your gone, believe me!


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