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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Alex.Clark, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon lads.
    My name is Alex Clark. I'm 16 (Recently) and have been pondering over the thought of wether the British Army career is the one for me for quite some time now. Probably about half a year ago i was listening in on the radio and i picked up another advertisement about signing up. This one was different - It spoke about 2 places:

    AFC Harrogate

    I quickly researched the two places and soon got me 'bearings' of what each of the college's/sixth form's did.
    After a long thought - i decided to pop in with a parent into the local Career's office for the British Army, Nave and RAF. (Southampton for those who may like to know).

    I have now had the application pack in my top drawer for over 4 months untouched. (Parents hate the thought)
    I looked through about a week ago and saw i was already 5 months legal to apply. (Not to enter, but to apply - legal for both now).

    So i filled out the application - done the deeds and have now booked a slot for 11.30am, Thursday morning in the career's office to send off my application.
    I have discuss'd Welbeck and preferably i would like that - but sadly i am (not far off) but missing the A grade in Mathematics - Getting a B. Also the local Career's office does not submit to Welbeck unless unusally high standards. Therfore i am applying for AFC.

    Suddenly for the first time I am beginning to hae a slight nervousness.
    Would be very greatful if some guys here may have been through it all and if so could give as much information and help as possible.

    (preferably not like the trainwreck of this thread:

    I have heard a large amount fail the medical (after physical) - but i am running through my head the fact i am not athsmatic.

    Much regards,

    - Please excuse any spelling errors. :D
  2. Sorry Juniors for hijacking your forumn.
    After visiting AFC Harrogate on numerous occassions whilst I was a Recruiting Sgt and recently when I saw my sons passing out parade I think that Harrogate is an excellent place for younger lads and lasses to matue. Lots of trades if good quals but you dont do until youv left harrogate a year later.
    Great opportunities there for education, sport, Duke of Edinburgh awards and because its 42 weeks of basic training rather than the normal adult 14 weeks its an easier pace. Good money my lad had around £600 a monthfor the first 24 weeks then over £800 after food and accomodation, better than getting £30 a week in a civvy college if your lucky.
    Things to think about leaving mum, dad or partner (homeickness can be bad)
    Being away from mates(youll meet a lot more)
    Great opportunities ask the ACIO if they have a DVD for you to watch, get parents on side if they dont sign the consent forms you cant join until over 18.

    Good luck, any specific questions pm me
  3. As i stated - Application pack all filled - Including consent.
    Handing in to be sent off on Thursday:

    Worries: Nervousness of fitness, I'm fit but of course everyone is going to be nervous.
    Going to miss friends and family of course, but in my home town (Totton) it is a tad more Chav-friendly and i wouldn't call friends - 'Friends'. More like associates.
    BARB test looks easy with the 'brainpower' i'm holding under the hood... Well - Starts easy anyway.

    Want this more than anything - Shame you always have to have a second option for a career through life. Harrogate and the Army life look perfect in my perspective.

    Nervousness is mixed with eagerness. I want this more than anything. I'm sure of it.

    Also: I have heard AFC accepts around 1000 each year. Good competition? Any experiences.
  4. I Started my application as soon as i was of age way back early this year, relax Alex you sound bright enough to pass all the mental tests, and fit enough for the physical, you'll have to be decisive because you may get on the January intake if not its a long wait till next september i think.
  5. I'm planning for the September intake anyhow - Not the Jan.
    Sad to be honest - Won't be with your group...

    Good luck
  6. Shame you can't 'Edit' posts previously made:

    Is there a chance there are any current Sergeant's / CO's of AFC here?
  7. I take it your year 11 at the mo and due to take GCSE's in June, if your out of school now what month are you going to be 17? as you have to start before your 17.1 , i enlisted about 15 whilst in recruiting to AFC and had a hand full of visits up there
  8. My son went there a couple of years ago and had a great time. His younger sister now wants to go too so a trip to the careers office is due I think. I would have no qualms letting her go as he had such a good time.
  9. I'm 16 and around 3 weeks.

    Yes, taking GCSE's still. ALL Predicted grade's are between A* (sciences) to B (Maths + around 5 other subjects).

    Bloody hell i'd wish i'd read about the name subject - Username probem now i guess.... :D

    So much help around here - Glad i signed up.
    Half term end of this week- managed to buy myself a week's pass at the local gym. Maximum 3 hours a day - I'll use it fully.

    Running every other 2 days i guess (not pretending to be Hulk when i'm not) But i know as soon as the dates are approaching - some hardcore practice is in order.

    Any guys here been through selecton process? Could do with some pointers - what they look for, what they do etc. Thanks lads.
  10. Get yourself onto the training wing threads and look back over the last few months regarding selection and the process, theres lots of helpful people on here but get up to the ACIO and speak to recruiters who will give you all the up to date info
  11. Just an update for those who it may concern:

    Went to careers office today:
    - Checked through Application ensured everything was done correctly
    - Put the data and Myself onto the 'system'

    Next Tuesday: BARB Test at 2PM. And Medical Examination.

    Also recieved the medical information to hand to GP and get sent off.

    Word from recruiter: "The majority fail on the medical, by the looks of you - if you pass that you're 90% going to get through. I may aswell congratulate you know."

    Good to hear I guess.
  12. I did my BARB Test today and handed in my Aplication forms ETC. Nothing to worry about its straight forward mate. The quicker you do it the better score you get. Good Luck
  13. Yeah I know, done the mock booklet.
    You going for September intake by any chance or trying to be quick enough for the Jan intake.

    Supposidly most fail on Medical - Hopefully my history won't screw me up:


    Nose Bleeds occasionally (treated with cauterisation *burning of vessels*)
    Frostbite in 1999 to face - Treated within a year.

    Do any of you honestly think that will fuckup my chances?
  14. My lad went into Harrogate with the September '07 intake ... had a bad time with missing home the 1st week, "a real culture shock" as he called it, but he absolutely loves it now. All of his section are local lads and he's made some really good mates already, going to stay with them at the weekends as he lives too far to come home just for 1 night.

    Alex ... I don't think you will have any issues at all with your medical history. Most guys tend to get deferred because of "heart murmurs", most of which turn out to be nothing more than nerves and the after-effects of hard weekend partying :)

    Best of luck to all of you hoping to get into the next intake!