AFC Harrogate.. Any nightlife?

This is a silly question I'm going to admit.
Expecting either a bit of grief or no response at all, but I'm interested so I'll ask anyway.
I may be attending AFC on either the September'13 or the March'14 intake, and I'm simply wondering if the lads at AFC are aloud to go into the city or are they confined to camp at all times due to them being minors?

*Apologies if this is in the wrong place.


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There's a very big conference centre in Harrogate and if a chap had a bit of cheek, was confident I'm sure he may find himself in one of the hotels where some free food and alcohol would be flowing.


You're less likely to bump into the DS by heading into Leeds or York.

Loads of bars in Harrogate, some of which are quite expensive in the central area, plenty fanny around for the choosing but most wont give a squaddie a second glance. One night club, bottom end of town which is shit. Two lap dancing clubs, good for a late beer and a bit crack on, usually find the odd yank in there from the secret spy base. Loads of restaurants, loads of hotels.

Leeds is better.
One of my ex-cadets is there and he says most of his intake allegedly* spend their money in brothels full of cheap Eastern European whores found on adultwork. Leeds York and Harrogate have plenty. Might well bump into the DS in those establishments....

He spends his dosh on more MTP kit, the sad-act...

*I don't believe that either.
Haha this is much more of a response than I was expecting!
Well I'm now looking forward to my time at AFC a lot more.
Would these bars and strip clubs be big on IDing people? I have an astonishingly deep voice but the face of a toddler.

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Your signature is awfull, I dont need to read your army life story before youve even started everytime you post. A BARB in the 50's is hardly something to boast about :/

But good luck :)
When I was DS at Harrogate, Leeds Police called to say they had found 4 of my lads in a whore-house. Having ascertained that they hadn't been drinking or doing drugs I saw no need to take any action except a little light pi$$ taking for them having to pay for it. The lads knew which pubs the DS used and as long as they didn't kick the arrse out of it we didn't mind them having a few (though if they overdid it and caused work for me and others they got dumped on).
So basically just dont be a little cock thinking your a hard man and kick off? And have a few.. if we get time of course

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