AFC Harrogate and Royal Artllery

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by phonetrader1221, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. Hı

    I am 15 and want to joın the Royal Artıllery as an unmanned aırcraft operator. Wıll I be able to go to Harrogate ıf I want to become thıs or ıs ıt just for ınfantry?

    If I can then what are the fıtness requırments?
    Wıll they be the same whatever job I want to do ın the army?

    Thanks ın advance
  2. Once your year in 11 and sged over 15:7 you can start the process, yes RA go to AFC Harrogate speaking to your own ACIO once your in year 11 for up to date advice though and also look at the many stickies..including the Recruiters advice one for more info.

    Regarding run times you need to be running under 11 mins to 10.30 for your second mile and a half (after 800m warm up) and practice heaves....ask the ACIO for a Getting fit for the Army booklet.

    Regarding RA jobs dependant on your BARB score (you need over 46 for the trade you stated)once you have completed 42 weeks at Harrogate you go to Larkhill as RA Gunner...they then decide what area of RA you go to.

    As said do research on here first.