AFC Harrogate, 9th September, 2007

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Be_The_Best, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Anybody else :p
  2. If you get the grades ;)
  3. Not all recruits going to AFC Harrogate need Academic Qualification, dont jump the gun again RE :wink:
    Not saying your not correct but believe the lads going infantry so he wouldnt need them.
  4. my mate rambo is ^^
  5. Lol yeah not jumping the gun again, just saying it in a friendly way, not a "I know it all way" :(.. anyway.. good luck. I know 3 people going Harrogate if that helps :p And 3 mates that went there :)
  6. I heard its a right shite course..
  7. Know a fair few that have been through "The factory".

    None of them liked it.

    Have fun mate :)
  8. I was at Harrogate a few years ago, just after it opened and I hated it. Thought it was a proper shite course asd spent loads of time in the classroom and i just hated it so i ended up jacking it - like a muppet - and have regretted it since. Was only a month of being old enough for adult entry, should of waited.
    However i now of a couple of guys who have passed through there more recently and by the sounds of things, it has changed quite a bit since i was there.

    Good luck anyways, and even if it is shite, stick with it else u will regret it mate.
  9. My son loves it and the majority of the lads in his platoon feel the same, he's passing out next month and I personnally believe it has developed him really well. Everybodies welcome to there own opinions though but I feel its paced him well and he's achieved a lot including ski=ing in Austria and battle field tours in Europe.
  10. I really cant wait to go.. I hope it isnt shit but I have grew up in army life the whole of my life and I love it. I am only 3 weeks off adult entry after sep 9th. Shame i dont wait but ohwel.
  11. I am thinking about harrogate, do they only do a september intake?
    Personally I want to go to catterick as an adult though.
    Still got a year as a civvy left though.
  12. September and January are the intakes go in as an adult
  13. theres a chance i cud be there in september im on the reserve list, if not January it is...hope its good, good luck to everyone thts going
  14. what do u mean reserve list?
  15. When Exam results come through(for the trades tht need them) they'll be certain people who dont get the grades, which allows someone else(aslong as they have the grades) to take there place