AFC Harrogate - 1st interview

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stu.l, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. I want to join the AFC when i leave school next summer and have got my 1st interview on monday (at the careers office), i was just wandering if anyone could shed some light on what will happen at the interview and will i need to bring any documents with me etc?
    Also is it hard to get into the college or is it reasonably easy?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Depends in what you're going in for. What are you joining the army as?
  3. Gunner Observer mate
  4. Tad early in the system, just relax and be nice.
  5. Do you need good GCSE's to get into the college?
    Also the reason i am doing this already is because the online army careers officer said get down to the careers office asap because the college fills up very quickly after the new year?....
  6. Top tips.

    1. Chill and be yourself.

    2. If they want you to bring stuff, documents ect. they will clearly tell you so.

    3. The army wants people with brains, GCSEs are a good indication that you have such, but aren't the be all and end all to indicate such.

    4. Turn up smart, clean footwear, and get there 5 minutes before you interview time - being somewhere/ready at least 5 minutes before you should be is an army way of life, you heard it here first, remember it!

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks Airfix!, i will be definately using your advice.

    Any more advice of people would be appreciated
    Thanks Stu
  8. All my mates are now applying for college's, do you think i should apply as a precaution or just fingers crossed everything is ok for AFC but if it aint i can stil join up straight away can't i?
  9. yea you can
    and good luck hopefully we both get in
  10. Get as many fingers in the pie as possible and apply for different courses whilst your starting your application. Take your parents with you on your reception at the ACIO as there will be things they want to ask the recruiter. Theres lots of pit falls along the way especially with the medical and deferments with fitness, confidence and maturity. Look through threads in the training wing as theres loads of advice from Recruiters on there. Once you start your application always turn up smart and early as said and show your recruiters your keen and ready to listen to their advice.

    You cant join till at least August 08 at ADC or September 08 for AFC once you've finished year 11 and exams.

    Regarding qualifications it does give you more options if you get good results in Maths, English Lang and science (C + D's) but you can get some jobs with no MAQ's if you do well at ADSC.
    Just take one step at a time and listen to the advice from the recruiter. The AFC is a greatplace where youll do a year (42 working weeks) and get a good wage aswell. Ive been quite a few times whilst a recruiter and my son has finished his year basic training there. Good luck
  11. Thanks for that. As you are a recruiter, i play rugby, ride my bike every day and go the gym once a week. Should i be doing more fitness/sport?
  12. Was a recruiter, yes do as much fitness and extra curriculum activities as you can, gives you more confidence, mixes well and gets you noticed on interview notes.